Friday, October 28, 2011



So I moved early this week.

The Girl Behind The Dress is my new home and that's it.

No more changes.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have a few little things to share with you.

Lets start at the most recent, shall we?

I bought a new dress today. Was $50 from Myer. But scanned as $35 thanks to 30% off. Bonus!

I had lunch with a friend from uni who I just love and miss seeing! It's amazing how alike we are!

I booked my tickets to Brisbane. I fly up the 23rd in the afternoon and come back on the 30th. Yep, an entire SEVEN days! So that means Brissy or nearby girls, if you want to have a little catch up, let me know!

I am officially no longer single. Yep to the sweet, sexy, smart man [SSSM]. Who I still haven't asked if I am allowed to blog about... I'm sure he won't mind.

I decided to delete this and my old blog. Since starting One Dress Too Many, I have decided that this just doesn't feel like a fit for me. So a new blog will be launched while I am up in Brisbane with Sass. 'Cause of course she does all my blog layouts!


I think that is all.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Lately I have just felt exhausted.

I don't feel like I stop and just relax. Except for the weekends.

But then as soon as Sunday rolls around my little bubble is burst and well, the reality sets back in that I work full time and have so much to do.

Not to mention but I am having terrible sleeps lately. Waking up once or twice throughout the night, being wide awake within two-three hours of me falling asleep.

Saturday night is the first night in a while that I can recall where I slept through the entire night. I actually fell asleep before saying night to him.

Which brings me to my news.

I have holidays in October.

A whole week off work and I have planned to fly to Brisbane to visit Sass.

Not sure on the exact dates yet. But I know I will definitely be there the 24th-28th for sure.

So, who else is up for a catch up?

I plan to do a massive shopping spree with Sass and get my tattoo.

Other than that, RELAX!

Oh and meet and greet some of you awesome girls!

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Official

I actually bought a pair of joggers this morning. Or whatever you call them.

I think technically they are "running" shoes.

Nike if you must know. Quite cheap too. Only $80!

Anyway, so I am booked in to see the nutrition person tomorrow afternoon after work.

I will have to call first thing in the morning to book the two inductions, because this morning when I called the person list wasn't up yet.

Otherwise I probably would of went today. Then again with how my legs are after those massive hills probably a nice thing that I am not there.

So now I am officially a gym-goer. Almost.


I guess you are probably wondering why I want to go to the gym if I am not being concerned about the number on the scales anymore (yeah that little nye resolution from last year in the sidebar...)

Well to be perfectly honest with you, it has nothing to do with losing weight.

I just want to be able to run around at work and not get puffed out.

I don't want to look at photographs of me and think "Woah, do I really look like that when I am sitting down?!"

And I kinda wouldn't mind a little muscle in my arms. Would make for lifting the little ones a bit easier.

And maybe a flatter stomach and tighter arse.

But hey, I am not ready to cut out all my yummy foods so if that last one doesn't happen then oh-the-fuck-well.

I'm all about loving food.


Now where did I leave that cookie from Subway?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

So, I Did That Cap and Gown Thing.

Friday the twenty-third of September I officially graduated.

I know. It is squeal worthy, right?

So I thought.

Sure, I was excited in the lead up.

Then the family happened. Having him* be happy was nice. Great even. Oh and her** too!

So, I was there with my cap and gown on, wondering how they weren't proud.

We had photographs taken before, my sister taking most of them. Pity she didn't make sure our eyes were open or even that we were looking at the camera.

Here are a few that I took:

Then once I walked up on stage and grabbed my officialness. I headed outside.

My parents were ready to go and I had to ask for this photograph to be taken.

Am I being a sook? Probably. Guess at least they came.

But guess what?

I have officially finished university.

I have officially finished my Bachelor!


*He would be the sexy, sweet, smart boy that I am not sure I am allowed to write about. Must double check that one.

**She you all know as Sass *winks*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was walking home this afternoon.

Headphones in. Listening to Britney.

Walking ever so slowly.

Wondering where he would be on the train.

Then I cross a road.

One small little teeny intersection. A back street even!

And I don't look.

I am in the middle of the road.

The Australia Post van slams on his brakes. Literally bringing his van bouncing back and forth to a stop.

I jump.


I must remember to look in Sydney otherwise people will begin to think I have a death wish.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

25 by 25 Update

1. Buy more dresses.
Can safely cross this off. Just look over here at all my dresses.

2. Learn to walk in high heels.
Check out THESE! Can safely say I am perfecting my walk!

3. Exercise five days a week.
I walk to work and am debating heading to the gym.

4. Buy my first car.
Probably won't buy a car for a while. Just no need.

5. Be happy.
Feeling oh-so-happy more often then not lately!

6. Finish the degree.

Graduate on FRIDAY!

7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!} DELETE
Not happening. Was going to in July but seriously WTF am I going to sew?!

8. Buy a house. DELETE
Hoping that by 2015 I will own a little house.

9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop!

10. Kick my habit of biting my nails.
I have three nails as we speak. Seriously have a long way to go though [insert sadface].

11. Buy a corset.
Hmm. Might start looking for one and depending if I do the gym thing or not..

12. Get a DSLR. DELETE
Bought a point and shoot instead..

13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}.
Thinking of looking out for one of those cheap deal thingys.

14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery.
Will discuss next year; not overly important at the moment.

15. Get another tattoo.
October so that Sass can hold my hand while I am visiting her in Queensland. Unless I find a suitable hand-holder in Sydney.

16. Take more photographs.
Nods. Sure do!

17. Pay back my mum and nan all the money I borrowed.
Hope for by December 2011 to have paid them both back.

18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree. DELETE
Didn't happen. Credited. Again.

19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.

Maybe in October when I visit Sass?

20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}. DELETE
Not going to happen. Nu-uh. No time.

21. Go to a casino.

Maybe in October with Sass? Or maybe I can convince someone in Sydney?

22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney}
Brisbane in October. Have plenty of time to do the others!

23. Get professional photographs taken of us.
LOL not that we are together. However, I did have photographs taken of me the day after my birthday this year! Will show you when they are ready!

24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design} DELETE
Looked and cannot do anything with work due to working full time and TAFE don't offer many night courses for these.

25. Smile!

Officially saying that I have finished 6 with a lot close to being done.

Another six are deleted because they just simply cannot be done and are unrealistic!

Stay tuned for another update!


The last few days okay weeks I have been feeling a little ugh with myself.

I was running around with the boys on Friday at work. Yeah I was running around with three two year olds. Tackling them to the ground and tickling them. Letting them pull me to the ground and then jump on me.

And I ended up feeling exhausted.

Probably doesn't help that I had Strep C and then managed an entire week at work only to end up with the flu.

Yeah, seriously.

But I love playing with the children at work. It is fun and they have fun. I honestly love seeing them smile when I am doing something with them.

I generally have these moments a lot lately. Mind you I seem to be slipping into smaller sized clothing. Go figure!

I know why I feel like this. I don't cook at home anymore. I live off takeaway.

However I do walk every day. During the week I do a 4k walk each day.

When I first moved here, in the beginning I noticed the weight just fall off me. I loved it.

Yeah, I was definitely the idiot who gloated about the fact that I could eat pizza and lose weight.

It just isn't the case anymore and I am starting to notice a major decline in my health.

And well I kinda want my legs to be a little bit more toner. Because seriously I have fallen in love with them.

Not to mention I feel a little self-conscious when the guy that I have been seeing touches my stomach.

So, I was walking to Broadway, to shop of course, the other day and noticed that they had a Fernwood. While I know that it is generally a more exxy gym I like that it is females only.

They have a little "beach bod boost" thingy-ma-jiggy starting on the 3rd of October. Considering doing it.

I figure if I get a little kickstart from elsewhere then I will get in the habit of walking jogging again.


Or am I just kidding myself? If I don't have the motivation in the first place will I just fail and waste money?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She knows how to break me.

She does it so easily.

I don't understand how she can sing my praises and gush over me one minute.

Then the next break me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick... Again

So, I am sick. Again.

Saturday afternoon after we finished playing air hockey in one of those games arcades I started to feel a little dizzy. I just put it down to not eating lunch yet.

Then the cough hit.

Can I just say that a cough is just a pain in the arse. Seriously.

Last night I felt like my lung and my entire stomach at any moment would be coughed up. It didn't happen. Just in case you were wondering.

This morning I could barely move. Stupid aches and pains.

Then I figure a shower will make me feel better, it did last time I had aches and pains.

That is until I almost passed out in the shower.


That was when I started to cry. I don't like being alone when I am sick. Anything could happen and no one would know for days.

I went to the doctors and I have the flu.

Oh and my heart rate DOUBLED when I stood up. How awesome is that?


So I have to stay off from work til Thursday. Swapped my flexi day cause I was meant to have Thursday off. Instead I will work Thursday and Friday.

I miss being healthy and well.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

So, I am sitting here on my bed, sniffling. Some might say it is because I am sitting here watching sappy love movies; others would say it is hayfever.

I might probably agree that it is a little of both.

I visited IKEA the other day and purchased a couple of items. I seriously did not spend that much money.

Not to mention my apartment is super clean because I had an inspection.

Anyway, spring has sprung in my little home.

See for yourself:

How cute is that bedspread?!

I have another that is in blue and white.

Oh and that vase, maybe one day I can have real flowers in it.


Now onto more pressing matters. I was standing in front of my mirror and noticed my legs.

I must admit there was a while there where I never thought I could get back to my seventeen year old legs; oh how I miss them. But I think I am almost there!

Must. Continue. To. Walk.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have Weird Blood

Did you know that I had Glandular Fever?

Yep, sure did. No idea when though.

But did you know that I apparently don't have it active in my body right now?

But did you also know that the blood count for Glandular Fever is higher than normal!

What. The. Fuck?!

Apparently my throat had Strep C. Shown from the swab results.

But my blood count showed no signs that it was fighting a disease.

What. The. Fuck?!

So my doctor cannot explain why I am feeling so fatigued all the time.

The slightest thing strains me. Even eating exhausts me.

I had that blood test on Monday. It is now Thursday.

My doctor thinks I may have had it very recently [and am experiencing the after-effects] or am about to have Glandular Fever [and my body is trying to fight it off].

I'm fucked either way.

Please send some energy and non-fatigue vibes my way. I would like to go back to work on Monday.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That What If Moment

Saturday night I missed my ex.

I would have given anything to have him looking after me when I was sick that night.

Wait, no. I would have given anything to have a guy care about me enough to want to look after me when I was that sick.

No amount of tweets or texts helped.


But didn't help.

I needed a guy in person to wrap his arms around me, tell me that it would be okay.

Rub my aches and pains away.

Listen to me sook without getting shitty that I was being too needy.

Being single sucks at times.

End. Of. Rant.

Monday, August 29, 2011


So Saturday afternoon I have a shower, climb back into bed and that is when it happens.

The aches and pains.

Then a temperature. Which means I am hot then freezing cold. All night long. I even hallucinated that I was one of the children from work and that my mum was coming to pick me up and that it'd be okay. Soon.


That probably was a sign to go to the hospital, maybe.

I threw up at midnight then again at around three. The second time was mainly water. As I was keeping my fluids up.

I had no energy Sunday. Slept most of the day.

Was scared to have a shower so Sass listened as I did via skype. No video!

So minor temps Sunday night with a dash of a sore throat.

Woke up Monday morning, oh that's today, unable to swallow.

I thought that it might be an idea to go to the doctors.

At the doctors she looked at my throat, felt my swollen glands, saw some disgusting icky stuff which I'd rather not name on my tonsils.

Glandular Fever or Tonsillitis, she thinks.

So I'm on penicillin until Thursday incase it is Tonsillitis so that way it gets better.

Had blood taken. Swabs swabbed.

Thursday 845am I find out the verdict.



Oh and I have a new blog, all about fashion. So you wont find anymore of my shopping or what I am wearing stuff on here. It will all be over there. On:

One Dress Too Many

[Perfect title dontcha think?!]

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ah Bee See

Age: 24
Bed size: Queen and it's all mine!
Chore that I hate: Ironing. Which is probably why I don't own an iron.
Dogs: None.
Essential start to my day: A phone call and my morning text. Oh and not to mention brushing the toothy pegs.
Favourite colour: Navy.
Gold or silver: Gold. Duh?
Height: 170cm.
Instruments I play: Piano/Keyboard. Drums [okay, so not the proper drum set but boy can I hit them with force]. A triangle.
Job title: Early Childhood Teacher.
Kids: None.
Lives: Sydney, New South Wales.
Nicknames: None.
Overnight hospital stays: None.
Pet peeves: People who think they are funny, but aren't. Oh and people who aren't nice.
Quote from a movie: "Don't be silly Andrea, everybody wants this. Everybody wants to be us." The Devil Wears Prada
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: One sister. She is 13.
Time I wake up: Anytime after 6am usually. Without an alarm.
Underwear: Cotton On Body undies. Oh so comfortable! Oh and Kayser bras.
Vegetable I hate: Beans and Peas.

What makes me run late: Myself when I go about things slowly.
X-rays I've had: Teeth and my left ankle.
Yummy food that I make: Pizza. From scratch.
Zoo animal: Giraffe!

Taken from Victoria Shhh.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing Special

I woke up this morning just after five thirty in the morning, believe me it definitely was not planned since I don't wake up til after seven in the morning normally.

I was having a dream.

The dream started off in a bar/pub that I had been to before. In my dream of course. Which in itself is quite weird because I highly doubt it would ever exist.

So the pub is kind of like a complete circle but, and here is the wacky part where I may lose you all, to get to the other side of the pub you have to go out a door and walk down a jetty and get into a boat and cross the river.

Amazing, huh?

I have the awesome imagination.

So, I am at this pub with my friend. It is near where I live and she walks off that little bit faster then me, and being in heels I cannot keep up and lose sight of where she went.

I then bumped into four boys from work who I excitedly saw, and went to give cuddles to and they kind of brushed me off. Giving me weird looks.

This is where the alarm bells in my dream should of been telling me to wake the fuck up.

Anyway, so I leave them and go off in search of finding my friend.

Walk out the door and down the jetty, towards the boat.

As I am walking down there is a boy in front of me that I noticed. Then two run past me.

Then a comment, I cannot specifically remember why it was said but it was said:

"You're nothing special."

I think it was because I smiled at the boy.

Anyway so the boat ride was extremely awkward.

And that's when I woke up.

What the fuck does it mean?

Couldn't tell you. If anyone dabbles in dream reading, feel free to explain.

As for the awesome memory, well it is because I woke up during the dream and I texted a boy about my dream.

Smart huh?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How Did I Get Here?

So I was shopping today. The girl in Sportsgirl serving me, as I bought two pretty dresses, asked if I had any big plans for tonight.

No, a quiet one for me.
"Oh I know how you feel. I have so many twenty-first birthday parties to go to lately." She continued to discuss how many parties she has been to in the last few weeks.

I added I had busy weekends the last few so I wanted to have a quiet one at home. Saying how it was my birthday only last week.

She then asked how old I was.

To which she was shocked. Telling me I didn't look that old.

Total pick me up.

But how the fuck did I get to twenty-four?

I swear it was just last year I was turning twenty-one.

The Plan

I have been shopping too much. Spending money that I really should be saving.

I have been sleeping with guys that want nothing more than sex. Which is frustrating me.

I have been eating take away since I moved in. Not the healthiest thing to be doing.

I have been happier then I have for months. But I still bottle up the down days, and I shouldn't.

I have been hard on myself in almost all facets of my life. It only ends up in stress and tears.

I have been making excuses for everything. Which does nothing for me.

I need to stop and I need to stop doing all these things now.
I will not shop unless it is something that I need to buy. Okay, once a month I can shop, okay?

I will not sleep with another guy. Okay, so I will but only if it isn't just sex.

I will not buy take away every night of the week. Maximum of twice a week.

I will not lie to myself and own up to my feelings, good and bad.

I will not be hard on myself. I am doing a damn fine job by myself and will remind myself of this.

I will not make excuses. I will get shit done when I need to, not leave it for days or weeks because I can.

Let's see if I can do this until the end of the year.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Things

So because Sass did it, I have thought I should do it to do. Honestly, there is no gun being held to my head. She isn't on skype either. Promise.


Ten Things I Love:

1. Ice cream. Cookies and cream is my favourite, just in case you are buying.

2. Shopping. I swear you can leave your credit card with me. It will be safe.

3. Pretty dresses. Finding them can be difficult at times though especially with the boobage.

4. Cuddles. I love squishy cuddles, don't-let-me-go cuddles, just-had-sex cuddles, it's-cold cuddles. Actually I love all types of cuddles.

5. Boys with the name "Ryan". I have a slight "thing" for Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Beau Ryan.

6. Singing loudly. At the moment it is to Adele. Gawd that girl can sing, and I can too. Hehe.

7. Sex. There I said it. I love it. Cannot get enough of it. Especially when it is great, mind-blowing sex. Which is quite hard to come by these days.

8. Twitter. Fuck facebook in the face. Twitter is where it is at.

9. Navy stripes with red lippy. Oh my goodness it looks freaking amazing. I felt gorgeous the other day. Honest. Felt all "Hello Sailor-ish!"

10. My body. Over the past few months my body has changed so much; I am still a little in awe of its awesomeness. And at the moment I have positive body image 99% of the time. When I have my period all bets are off.

What about you? Huh? Spill!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To Buy A Car Or Not To Buy A Car?

Lately, okay so on Sunday, I was thinking about buying a car.

I had missed the opportunity to have my food delivered on Sunday and that's when I thought that all this could be reduced by me owning a car of my own.

Now, I really hadn't planned to buy a car until my birthday next year. A whole year away. As I won't drive to work as there is no parking; so I would still live where I live and realistically I don't think it is a reasonable budget idea.

But having that "freedom" of being able to drive home for the weekend or go shopping wherever I felt like it would be nice.

So, I am left with the question:

To buy a car or not to buy a car?

What I Am Wearing

Cardi: Portmans
Top: Target
Shorts: Witchery
Thongs: Havianans

Saturday, August 6, 2011

To Do List

Not your ordinary list.

Since I separated from my ex, I have explored a range of different guys. I've tried and tested electricians, a builder, a businessman [or two], a studying doctor, a teacher, and half tested the fireman. I have shopped until I could not shop anymore. I have sung loudly and danced around in my underwear. I purchased a vibrator. Yelled at a boy or two and told them how much of an arse they just were. I loudly expressed to a friend how "fuckable" a guy was. Managed to get almost drunk off three drinks [I would call it extremely happy]. I realised that I can fall asleep in someone's arms. I fell in love with the middle of the night cuddles, all over again. I have fallen asleep because I have been crying so much. I have heard the "just friends" so often that I am over hearing it. I found out that I have a tendency to bite during sex [accidents, of course!] I have laughed so hard that I cried.

Most importantly I have been living my life, not regretting a moment.

Can you say that?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I Love Ice Cream

It is certainly no lie that I would kill for ice cream.

So when I popped on facebook this evening. My friend had shared this image:

You can't buy happines...

I squealed with delight.

I must buy that stinking print! You can buy it here from etsy!

Then I found this one.

There's Always Room for Ice Cream // fine art print // MEDIUM

Can I has them both?

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I felt so pretty today.

Take a look.

I did a photo shoot with my friend and had a ball.

Before we did the shoot I went to Napoleon Perdis and had my makeup done.

Loved every minute.

*side note: Have I ever told you all that if I hadn't of gotten into the Diploma of Children's Services back in 2006, I would have done my Diploma through NP?

I then spend just under five hundred dollars on makeup.

How on Earth did I do that?!

I am quite okay with that. I think that is more scary. That I didn't flinch once when she said the cost, just handed over my card like it was play money.

*side note: One might say I failed at my no-spend-July, me however would tell you that makeup doesn't count. Heheh.

Anyway, I had a ball. Laughed like crazy.

Cannot wait to the photographs, because seriously, she is an amazing photographer.

And don't worry, you will see them all too. *winks*

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Cuts

I had my hair cut today.

I was sitting in front of this massive mirror. It was huge. Almost floor to ceiling. Gorgeous mirror though; however it was me looking back at me.

Something I am not too keen on.

I sat and tweeted away. Organising lunch with one of my friends.

That was when the guy came over. He picked the colour for my hair and was about to go before he asked what I had done to my roots.

"That's my natural hair colour" I explained.

Both are from Brazil, their jaws dropped and then began to ask why on Earth I would want to dye my hair.

Once the colour was in; I took a photograph. As you do.

Then it was rinsed. Must admit I didn't get a super-awesome head massage which kind of disappointed me a little bit.

Then the guy came back over. He cut my hair.

Said I wasn't a typical Leo. Somehow my birthday came up. I wasn't bossy, demanding or full of myself.

He said I was sweet and innocent.

Naw. Ha. He obviously knows nothing!

My hair was cut and I was out of there.

One hundred and seventy-five dollars later.

Must admit, my hair feels pretty amazing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I've Been Thinking

Whenever I start a post with those lines you know it cannot be good!

I think for my birthday, which is Saturday coming! I want to go to Taronga zoo.

I am thinking of asking a guy if he would like to go with me. Hopefully he says yes.

I also think that I need to do some shopping. I know, I am not meant to be shopping but it's my birthday so that should be like a free pass or something. Right?

And I think heading to San Churro's for a chocolate hit or out to dinner would be nice too.

After all I do have the Friday off too.

Why not make it a three-day celebration.

You only turn twenty-four once.


ps. I think too much..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can You Imagine?!

So I just completed my tax return for twenty-eleven and my gawd it is awesome.

Three thousand, nine hundred in awesomeness to be exact.

Did you know that is just nine hundred more than what I spent in three months?! Hence the "no-spend-July". Which I must say is going well.

Thank gawd I didn't do my tax return earlier!

So I can buy my camera guilt-free, it is my birthday present after all.

And I can even do a little shopping.

Maybe a lot?

Hmm, maybe I should be smart and put some towards my interest free cards; my credit card and save a little.



Yesterday afternoon was the end of a very hectic day.

When you spend all day inside with twelve under two year olds it gets like that.

But it was an okay day. Nothing too extreme happened.

That was until I went to heat up one of the little ones dinner.

When I came back and put it down on the table for another staff member to feed because I had finished my shift. I look around to see where my favourite little one is at for a goodbye cuddle.

That's when I notice he isn't in the room.

Where is he?

In that instance I notice him in the three to five year olds room, eating wish stones. Getting them into his mouth as quickly as possible.

I run over. Yes, I ran. And instantly pull the two that are in his mouth out. And pick him up bringing the container with me.

He starts coughing. I panic.

I actually had to ask what should I do.

That worries me.

I am usually quite calm in those sort of situations. I go through the motions.

I didn't even panic that much when my ex sort of electrocuted himself.

The bub is fine, but I kept him with me until his dad arrived as I was quite annoyed and wanted to make sure he was okay.

I guess we will find out on Wednesday if he did swallow any.

Can only imagine how I will be when I have children of my own.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am.

It is my birthday next Saturday!

Are you as excited as me?!

I am thinking of buying myself a new camera. I have wanted a DSLR for a while but realistically I am no photographer so am thinking of a point and shoot camera but a pretty spectacular one.

I love the brand Olympus so when I went through and found the XZ-1 I fell in love.

Anyone own one? Know anyone that does?

I have searched for it online and have found it here for $375 and here for $390.. Not much price difference but the only thing is I have never purchased something so big and expensive from one of these stores. Have you?

Next on the agenda, does anyone want to spend my birthday with me?

Kinda thinking of asking someone but not sure they'll say yes. I guess I can only ask.

Wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend, I plan on doing sweet fuck all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grey Mood

Well, today was brilliant.

I had my pink gumboots on and was splashing in all the puddles.

Made mud pies with the children.

Then it just hit. That down. Haven't had one like this for a while.

At lunch I could feel my mood shifting.

Then as soon as I left it was all over.

No idea why, okay I do have a slight idea, it has probably a lot to do with stress, boys and my inability to shop.

So tonight as I walked home and no one answered their phone the tears were there.

Thankfully the rain hid them.

Now I have to go because I just realised that I have some work to do tonight! That I may have not done the last two nights because I simply forgot.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woah, What A Saturday

I woke up around eight in the morning and started to get ready.

I took a photograph of myself because my legs looked fucking amazing!

I then walked to central station, which is a thirty minute walk. Go me!

Jumped on my train and headed to Beverly Hills.

There I met up with two girls from university. We sat and chatted like we normally do. Catching up on everything.

Ate delicious food.

Before leaving nearly three hours after meeting and deciding that we must do it again.

Then I am almost at central when I check twitter. This was because I spent most of the train trip on the phone. Draining my battery.

And one of my lovely friends I went to high school with [and preschool] asked if I would like to go shopping even though I have a little ban in place.

Why of course I do!

While I tried on a pair of shoes. They didn't have my size so I didn't buy them. The nine fit fine but I did have stockings on..

Now that I relook back at them. I am thinking I really want them. *insert sad face here*

Then we were looking in a store, when we started discussing Harry Potter. Then instantly we both said we had no one to go with and that I simply must see it.

So we ended up finishing shopping. She ended up heading home to change. I charged my phone for a little while. Giving the battery back a little bit of power.

Saw Harry Potter. Loved it. I cried a little. You must see if it you saw the other movies!

Then as we were leaving we decided that we should go out.

So a quick change at home. More battery charging to 28% and we left for a Newtown pub.

I tried to convince a certain someone to come but he declined.

I quickly drank three drinks before my friend saw her ex and we left at midnight.

I came home and slept on my mattress because I put my sheets in the washing machine before I left for the lunch date. And they weren't dry!

Because I was completely awake, I tried calling a lot of people. Sorry about that.

Then I fell fast asleep after three toilet breaks!

Woke up at eight this morning before falling back asleep and waking up just before eleven.

That counts as a sleep in right?

Oh and I totally wrote up my happy moments for this week on We Heart Life. Go and read them. Please?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Compare The Two

Okay, so I don't own a set of scales.

I probably should but I don't. Actually maybe I shouldn't.


Imagine the weight I could drop if I actually cooked in my own house rather than buying takeaway!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Think I Tweet Too Much

I was walking home tonight when all of a sudden my leg hit a step. My thong was left behind and I was wondering what the fuck had just happened.

I may have been scrolling through my tweets, you know to see what all the tweeters had been up to.

Stupid stairs. No idea why then even jut out onto the footpath.

Just plain stupid if you ask me!

So now I am left with this:


Bonus: My pants didn't rip. Hurrah!

Mental note to self: No tweeting and walking when it is dark outside!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Exactly 50 out of 100.

That was what I received for that unit.

You know the unit. It's the one I didn't study for.

The one where I completed the 40% assignment in five hours, including research.

The one where I left university five hours early and because I was so excited about getting my iPad2 sprained my ankle and hurt my tailbone after falling down the stairs.

Well, I passed it.


So you all know what that means?

I graduate in September.

Now I would love to invite you all along but the only problem is, I only get three seats.

Blame the university for your missing invite, but I get it, you'll be there in tweet-spirit.


Monday, July 11, 2011


So, as usual I'm on skype with Sass. She shows me her jumper.

Zips it up.

And I take a screen shot or two.

I was actually going to make a little animation, but stopped myself.

Sass after all taught me how to screen shot on the Mac *winks*

Guess What?!

I am onto my final six monthly pap test.

Yes, three out of four over the last year and a half have been clear. Clear, clear, clear.

Nothing. No abnormalities to be seen.

One more to clear before I can go to yearly pap smears.

You'd all even be super proud of me.

I went to a male doctor for the most recent as my doctor doesn't work on Sunday.

But I will probably make sure I book VERY far in advance next time.

January is the next one.


Mixed Feelings

University is officially coming to an end.

Midnight tonight, if I can stay awake that long or even be bothered to stay away that late.. My university results go live.

I don't think I have ever stayed up to get, except of course in my first year. And then when I couldn't get on for an hour I never did it again.

I will be up at around six in the morning, so I will just check then.

I am nervous. I am excited. I am stressed.

I am definitely in that state of "what-if-I-didn't-pass?" combined with "oh-my-fucking-god-I-have-almost-finished-studying!" with a "I-have-more-expectations-on-me-now!"

It's fun I tell you.

So, cross those fingers and toes, 'cause we all know I didn't study for that exam..

*looks away*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh My Fucking Gawd

I was opening the door to run the garbage out to the bins. When my toe starts tingling.


I let out a small ouch. I didn't even swear.

It ripped some of the skin up. Phew. No blood.

I hobble over and lay down on the bed for a while. I figure the garbage can wait until the pain stops.

"Muuuuuuuuuuuuum, I hurt my toe!" I sob into the phone. Pretend sobs of course just to add to how much it hurt!

Mum laughs. Hmm appears I drew the short straw in sympathy today.

I am talking to mum, explaining:

I opened the door to take the garbage out. When my second little toe got smashed by the door. It tore up my skin, must of just been a layer of dead skin or something 'cause there is no blood. But then I was looking at my toe and I realised THAT HALF MY TOE NAIL HAS LIFTED!

Cue laughter from my mum.

She tells me through her hysterics to get a bandaid. I decline.

Then says to bathe it in salty water. I liken this to torture.

Eventually I hang up the phone.

I am getting cold and need to put my stockings on.

Twenty minutes later I am freezing so I delicately pull the stockings on.

Fuck my toe is sore and I doubt the weather is helping.

Watch your toes as you open doors!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I Am Wearing

Cardi: Portmans
Dress: Portmans
Shoes: Rubi
Necklace: Forever New
Ring: Occasions

Thursday, June 30, 2011


Okay, so I went shopping, again.

Another $300 odd dollars spent.

*shakes head*

So, for all of July I am not going to buy any item of clothing including bras, undies, socks, tees, pjs, shorts, skirts, pants, dresses or shoes. Or accessories!

I think that is almost everything covered.

Wonder how much I can save?

But so I get my fix, I may just post pictures of everything that I have bought *winks*

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feeling Pretty [again]

I've been feeling pretty more often than not lately. It is a nice feeling.


So when the moment hits. I snap some shots.

Because I am slowly learning to love me.


march 27th 2011. march 31st 2011.

What I Am Wearing

Jacket: Miss Shop
Top: Forever New
Skirt: Forever New
Stockings: ASOS
Shoes: Rubi
Necklace: Diva
Ring: Occasions

Words That Cannot Be Said

I have so many things to tell you all but for some reason I am censoring myself.

I have been on a date. I have met a family. I had a fuck buddy.

And I didn't share any of this with you. I guess I was worried people reading it might think I have moved on too quickly.

Or something.

So, over the next few days I will try and uncensor myself.

I will share all the juicy details.

But right now, I am about to jump into the shower so that I can leave for Forster with my Aunt and cousin.

Because it is my Nan's 80th birthday!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Was The Best Thing About Your Day?

On twitter tonight Marita from Stuff With Thing asked, "What was the best thing about your day?"

For me it was one of the little boys at work. I will admit that he is definitely my favourite. I know, I shouldn't have favourites but he is and he knows it.

So today I was standing there talking to another staff member about my analytical summaries and he came crawling over at lightning speed and pulled himself up my pants before making his cute little noise telling me he wanted to be picked up.

The best bit is that he gives the best cuddles.

Oh and he is also the one who walked to me a few weeks ago!

So, what was the best thing about your day?

ps. I also published this on We Heart Life.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Nervous

I was due for the pap smear back in May.

It was put off because of my tailbone.

Then when I went to the doctors the other morning for a super quick visit it was really just to get some antibiotics.

I probably won't have time to get there before the first weekend in July.

But now I am getting nervous.

Last time I put it off, I ended up with CIN3.

Seems me and karma have a little battle happening. For some unknown reason. Of course.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wait, An Exam In Four Days?

Well, apparently my exam is in four days. Not including today of course, 'cause that'd just be silly.

Do you think that I have studied for it?

Hahaha, no.

This was the unit that I left early on that Saturday which resulted in karma coming and biting me in the tailbone. Yeah, remember that?!

So.. Wednesday is the fateful day.

My final exam ever. For this course.

I must pass it, or I don't get to graduate in September and that would kind of suck a little because I am really looking forward to having no more university for a little while.

Wish me luck for that exam on gender and education.

Oh and I probably should go and read some of my mathematics, science and technology postings too. I am *ahem* a couple of weeks behind.


Think of me on Wednesday, please?


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Weddings

I love weddings. They are fun.

Usually there are tears too, but most of the time they are from happiness.

While I didn't know a lot of people that were at the wedding, besides the ones I had met at the bridal shower, I was still really excited for a lovely event.

I was so not even consumed with taking a photograph, that I forgot to take a photo of my outfit. *facepalm* Or even one of myself!

So after the little church thingy-ma-jiggy [word is escaping me right now]. I snapped this picture once I got into a car before heading back to one of the girls' houses until the reception started.

We then stayed there for the two hours and ate maccas and maltesers. And talked of course. Before heading back to the reception.

I quickly snapped a picture of myself from inside.

Then ran over and snapped the cake because it looked amazing.

I would love to say the cake tasted delicious but because I was wearing those suck-you-in-undies I was unable to finish one entire meal. Let alone sit down comfortably.

Mental note to self: Do not wear the suck-you-in-undies when you have to sit down and try to consume a delicious three course meal.

Aly, the food was DELICIOUS by the way. Excellent choice. Loved my chicken!

Then I ran over to Aly who just happened to find her hubby and quickly snapped a shot of them two.

Before asking Aly for a piccy of the two of us.

I had something in my eye when the Maid of Honour was giving her speech. For some strange reason my eye started to produce a water-like substance.

It was a lovely night and I am so glad that I went, and was invited!

Congrats to you both! xx

ps. These are the only photographs I took during the whole day. My phone was very MIA during the night.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three Fifty In One Night

Okay, so I will admit right now that I have a small shopping problem.

I went shopping last night, being Wednesday, and spent $350. In two hours.

At seven thirty, I was asked to leave the stores.

I bought a dress, a pair of shoes, stockings, a necklace, a wallet, and an iPhone case.

Hmm. Then tonight, I figured I needed a lighter coloured trench coat. So back I go to the shopping centre.

I bought the EXACT same trench coat that I have at home, except in a lighter colour!

There is another $200 spent tonight. [The trench, a jumper, a necklace, a hairpiece and some makeup.]

I haven't even bought the wedding present yet! Eek!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Not-So-Perfect Shopping Experience

I ordered from ASOS both the UK and USA stores.

Just quietly I am in love with my gumboots [from the UK]. The three dresses I received not so much. The quality just isn't what I expected.

But I hadn't given up on shopping online. I love it.

So when I heard that Topshop had FREE international delivery I jumped at the chance.

I found the perfect little black dress for forty pounds and even got some makeup. It was going to be the dress that I would wear to Aly's wedding this weekend.

I ordered that on the 19th of May.

Pity it has not arrived.

I have emailed [and am about to email again!] and received no reply.

I am far from happy and honestly don't think I will purchase online, ever again.

So thankyou Topshop for totally ruining my shopping experience.

Not too happy.

So now, I am searching for a dress to buy. Fingers crossed Portmans or Forever New have something cute and wearable to a wedding.

Because I have officially lost too much weight to fit into my old little black dress.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being Single

If you had asked me back at the beginning of the year, if I saw myself ending up single in April I probably would of shook my head and said never.

Because I thought what I had with my ex was it. Was perfect.

But after everything that happened with his sister where she was a bitch. But realistically, we all knew that she was a bitch before that. A moment where I needed his support the most which would end that perfect bubble.

Burst it and it was gone.

I have met a few guys since then.

They have all surprised me. Some not for good reasons, but really why should I waste my time and effort by blogging about them? [I shouldn't, so I won't. Plus they know that they are arseholes.]

But this morning, after one ah-mah-zing night, I realised that I like being single and I don't need a guy to make me happy*.

'Cause I already am happy!

* Some can make me smile a lot though.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My House

Everything has finally made its way to my house. Everything.

Every item of clothing.

Every book I have read. Or flicked through in the case of my university textbooks.

Every photograph taken, before digital cameras were all you bought.

Every memory.

It's now in boxes in my living room/bedroom/kitchen.

Time to unpack and make my little place my home.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oi, You There!

Get over to We Heart Life this weekend and have a look at the gorgeous prints that you can win by donating to our fantastic team to support 'Kiss Goodbye to MS 2011'.

All the details are here on this post.

Any and all donations would be fantastic!

Help us reach our goal of $500 by Sunday night!

[Be sure to comment on the post once you have donated so that you go in the draw to win!]


Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have this urge to go on a date.

Like the opening of my car door date. But not really.

I'm not into that type of date.

Sweep me off my feet with laughter instead.

Anyway, so yes. I want to go on a date. A proper date.

Not a "hangout".

Because I think date nights are very needed. In any relationship!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I Am Wearing

Top: Target
Shorts: Forever New
Stockings: ASOS
Necklace: Equip
Ring: Occasions

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekend

I had a whirlwind of a weekend.

My plane arrived in Brisbane at nearly 8pm on Friday night where I met the gorgeous Sass and her husband Alex.

We hugged briefly before wandering back to the car. Chatting away like we normally do on skype.

That night we were up until 3am when Sass broke Sarah's blog.

The next morning we were up at 9am.

By 11am we were out the door and heading shopping!


We look less tired with the glasses on *winks*.

I bought a skirt and a top for under $35 from Myer.

We had lunch at the pub. Before we headed back home to finish working on Sarah's blog.

That night we went to Hoggies for dinner.

Was delicious. In case you were wondering.

I then had super awesome cuddles from this puppy dog.

We went to bed at a more respectable midnight that night.

I even managed to sleep in until 9.30am the next morning!

We just lounged around. Had pancakes, twice!

And I spent the last hour and a bit feeling ill because of my ex. [more on that later]

It was lovely to have a weekend up in Queensland. Hopefully next time I can stay longer.


Our weekend was full of laughter [Sass got to find out just why I named my blog 'Extremely Hyper'], food and blogging!

Monday, May 30, 2011

What I Am Wearing

Jacket: Jeanswest
Scarf: Rubi
Pants: Kmart
Gumboots: Hunter

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where Has The Year Gone?

If you have seen twentyeleven please let me know. I am not entirely sure where on Earth it has gone.

This year has just flown by at an alarming rate.

January I was in a happy, happy place and everything was perfect.

February my little blogging world was turned upside and made everything crash and burn.

March I was offered and accepted a job of my dreams.

April I parted ways with my boyfriend.

May I moved all by myself to the city and am loving it! I may have gone on a few too many shopping sprees though.

And then we are heading into June.

Who knows what June will bring! But I bet it will be as interesting and go as quickly as the other five months have!

What would be something that you could define each month by?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hello, Bitches*

I am in *sunny* Queensland. Ha.

It is so not that cold here. Sass is full of poop.


So, she broke Sarah's blog. So we are sitting fixing it now, cause you all know I have mad blogging skills *winks*.

So while Sass fixes the blog, I'm on her iPad blogging and eating all her cookies. Oh and giving Moo loads of pats and maybe even some rough play. Oh how I loves rough play.

I could be a little busy this weekend, hope you all don't miss me too much. But I'm sure you lot will survive.

If not put on your big girl panties.

*You're not bitches, just thought it was a cute title.

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tonight I leave on a plane at 5.55pm heading for Brisbane. Where I will get to meet the lovely Sass. Super excited.

I am sure that we will talk just as much as we do on skype.

I am a little worried that I finish work at 4.15pm. Takes me roughly fifteen minutes to walk to Central station. Then I have to jump on a train. Go to the terminals and board. Before 5.10pm.


I worked it out, that I should get to the airport at 4.50pm. So I figure that gives me twenty minutes to walk through security and all that crap.


And I have done web-check-in. Whatever that means? I called them and apparently I just walk right through and just board the plane.

So, cross your fingers and toes for a smooth trip there! Home I'm not so worried about..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm Exhausted

Actually I even think exhausted is an understatement.

I haven't stopped. Not once this week.

Being really honest, I don't even want to be on the computer right now.

I had my final assignment to do and submit. I had until Wednesday to get it finished, because it is due on Monday. Why wouldn't I have until at least Friday? Well, I have no clue where the nearest post office is on the way to the station. Cannot remember because I don't have to walk that way anymore.

So it had to be posted tonight. Which meant that I was up til eleven every night this week, working on that assignment to get it finished.

Working a full shift doesn't help the slightest either. Getting up at six-thirty in the morning has been hard, very very hard.

This weekend won't be any different. Realistically I should be staying at home and doing work, for work. I have four analytical summaries to write up by Sunday the fourth. Plus a tonne of observations to write up, something I probably should be doing now. *looks away*

Tomorrow I fly out of Sydney and land in Brisbane. Excited? Definitely. [More on that later.]

Life sometimes gets in the way!

Monday, May 23, 2011


I don't usually take compliments too well. Ask anyone, I won't ever admit to being beautiful. I will usually say it is the dress, or something.

Never me.

The other day I was rushed to leave for work. I had on a long tee but quickly swapped to a shorter tee. Yes, I ended up wearing leggings as pants. Oh the shame.

Anyway. So I had my black leggings, my black bow shoes, my light pink singlet top with pink-pink cap sleeved top.

Looked okay, but still. Leggings are not pants. I do know this and even mentioned it to the girls at work. Apparently it didn't look that bad.

Later on in the afternoon I was sitting talking with one of the little girls in the two-three room.

She said she liked my shoes. I, of course, said thankyou with a smile.

Then she said she liked my top. Again, I said thankyou.

Personally, I think that she just liked my top because it was pink.

Wait til she sees these babies!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rubi vs Target Shoes

I own a pair of Rubi shoes and Target shoes. You know the ones that curl up and have elastic in them.

Well, the Target ones lost their elasticity in one shoe. Which was a big enough fail. So I cut the side of the other and therefore the elastic. At least that way the shoes friggen matched! Now they are kinda a little too big for my foots*.

So in steps where I purchased the two pairs from Rubi shoes. One pair is brown okay? I totally didn't buy two pairs in the same colour.

Now, I thought "Hurrah, perfect shoes! Everyone always raves about Rubi shoes!"

Um, yeah. Let's just say they fucking squish my toes. Well it's more the bows. They kinda push down on my toes.

So while I originally wore the Rubi shoes out this morning:

When I went out again the the afternoon, I swapped back to my old faithful Target shoes.

Happy feet equals a happy Carly.

ps. This post totally links back to what i wore today.

* Yes, I realise this is not how you plural your foot.

What I Am Wearing

Tunic/Dress: Ally x
Stockings: Kmart
Shoes: Target
Necklace: Equip
Ring: Occasions Jewellers

Wish List

So, since I am trying to cut back on my shopping, I think that a wish list is the next best thing. Right?

<3 A pretty picture to sit above my bed head.
<3 A corset.
<3 A sewing machine.
<3 Candles.
<3 Cute knick-knacks.
<3 A little table and chair set so I have somewhere else to sit besides my bed.
<3 A hot pink umbrella [to match my gumboots].
<3 A dvd player.
<3 A hard drive for my MacBook.
<3 A DSLR.

Do you make wish lists?

ps. I will continue to update this over the year..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh My Fricken God

He walked!

My little bubba at work, walked today.


Three steps!

To me. He was holding onto tables and what not, and walked to me!

I let out the biggest squeal!

Was incredibly excited.

Now, lets just hope he does it for mum and dad soon.



I walk to work every morning. And obviously I get home the same way.

It's about a twenty-five minute walk and I love it. Considering that I do absolutely no exercise besides that walk, it's nice. Easy even. No hills *wink*.

What do you do for exercise? Or are you like me, and do none besides getting to and from work?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spiders and Me

We have never been friends. Actually any creepy crawly and I am usually the one running squealing. Wishing I was not in that space.

Saturday morning I got up. Walked to the bathroom, came back and then chucked on my cute tunic grabbed my stockings and was about to sit down when I saw this:

Yeah, I screamed.

You will all be happy to know I killed it. All. By. Myself.

But what scares me the most is that when there are baby spiders, mum is usually nearby.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Makes You, You?

Life throws you curve balls all the time and it has made me wonder what makes me, well me.

How I define myself is no longer by the fact that I have a boyfriend, not that it was the be all and end all of my life, but it was quite a significant part of my life.

I stopped being me. Something which I realise that I should never have stopped.

But I know what I like and don't like, but lately I have been finding out other things about me too.

What make me, me:

My laugh.
My stubborn nature.
My need to have everything right, or my way. I never admit defeat easily.
My brain, at times it really is awesome.
My blue eyes.
My freckles, every single one of them.
My degree and my line of work.
My moments of being sweet.
My smile, when I am talking about the children at work.
My tongue, which I can touch my nose with.
My humour.
My ability to play just like a child.
My love of books and movies.
My chatterbox nature.
My confidence.
My long legs.
My inability to sing.
My shopping addiction.
My optimism.
My morals and beliefs about life, love and everything else.

What makes you, you?

[this was scheduled last week before blogger had its little meltdown.]

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Need A Man...

... That will stick up for me when he needs to.
... That doesn't rely on me to make him happy.
... That can cook, clean and make a bed.
... That gives a good snuggle.
... That can put things together.
... That can fish.
... That is a guys guy.
... That can tolerate my shopping addiction.
... That will tell me off when he needs to.
... That can argue with me, but then have awesome make up sex.
... That will walk in front of me, and guide me through crowds.
... That is confident.
... That can keep up with me in the bedroom.
... That will hold my hand is public.
... That will tell me I am beautiful/pretty/sexy/whatever at any opportunity.
... That gets along with my little sister, my mum and my stepdad.
... That is sweet.
... That is smart.
... That can make me laugh.
... That can make me smile through any type of communication.
... That loves twitter and understands my little addiction.
... That is able to be around children and not look awkward.
... Who loves me just as I am.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Twenty-Five by Twenty-Five Update

So, this is the little list I created on my twenty-third birthday. Giving me two years to get all this done. Some things have changed, so I have edited them a little.

1. Buy more dresses. This one I am definitely working well on. I can think of at least three dresses that I purchased this year alone!
2. Learn to walk in high heels. I own two pairs now. Must. Learn. To. Walk. In. Them.
3. Exercise five days a week. I do an hour of walking [roughly] each day. To and from work. *winks*
4. Buy my first car. Maybe next year or towards the end of the year. Not a big thing for me at the  moment.
5. Be happy. I am happy, most of the time.
6. Finish the degree. Bring on June!
7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!} Hmm, maybe for my birthday?
8. Buy a house. Hah. Um, might not happen. Unless I save A LOT!
9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop! This one I definitely need to work on..
10. Kick my habit of biting my nails. I thought I had it kicked, but of course the nail breaks so I chew it off.
11. Buy a corset. Maybe when I have someone to wear it for.
12. Get a DSLR. For my birthday please?
13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}. I'm aiming for July-December this year.
14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery. Meh, don't really wear my glasses so not sure that I should really bother. But maybe to discuss laser-eye surgery for my 25th birthday?
15. Get another tattoo.
 This I have been thinking about a little more..
16. Take more photographs.
 Thanks to I definitely am taking more photographs!
17. Pay back my mum all the money I borrowed. *ahem* now need to include my nan in this too.
18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree.
 Not sure this will happen considering I only have two units left..
19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.
 Girls weekend maybe?
20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}.
 Um, time, where are you?
21. Go to a casino.
 Must do this soon! Well, maybe not soon because I have been shopping a little too much lately, but before the end of the year!
22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney} I'm thinking a few could be done on weekend trips.
23. Get professional photographs taken of us. We had this done in October last year...
24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design}
 Again, time is very limited these days, maybe once I finish the degree?
25. Smile! *grins*

A few others I could have crossed off but I still have another year and a bit to get them done and want to make sure I still work on them.

I Went Shopping

Yeah, I know. I said I was going to stop.

No more shopping for me.

Well I needed to pick up my trench coat.

I walked past ruby shoes. Had two exact pairs of ballet flats in my hand [one brown the other black]; two pairs of tights and a white scarf. $80 later I exited the store. Happier.

Then I found myself in Myer. I was meant to be in there shopping for Aly's wedding present, but I forgot the card. I am kind of running out of time now. Eeek. Oh and I went in there for a jumper too.

I walked out after spending $38.50 with a dress. A freaking DRESS! It is coming into winter and I buy a dress.

What the fuck what I thinking?

After that I thought it'd be wise to just leave the entire complex. I was not safe in there. Neither was my credit card.

So $200 spent yesterday. Fuck.

Grr Tiger!

So I am in the process of booking my flights to Queensland to see Sass and Tiger Airways is the cheapest.

But have you flown with them? Are they okay?

But then again, I never have experienced any problems with Virgin or Qantas and know a few people who have.

Oh, ps. If any of your Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast lovelies want to come to the zoo with us, let me know ;) Yes, we are going to the zoo.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Little Addicted

Okay, so *ahem* I have been shopping a lot since the break up.

I am more scared to do a complete tally of just how much I have spent, but am thinking that it could easily have hit the 2K mark by now.


I do love to shop though, but now I think it has become more like an addiction. Like its a drug and it gives me that rush of feeling happy. Wait, not happy, because I am happy, but it is weird. It is a weird feeling when you are shopping and you find something that you love and it fits.

You just have to have it. So you buy it.

Mind you I did take a few purchases back on Monday when I went to the doctors, because *ahem* they didn't fit the way I wanted them to and no I didn't try them on.

However, that didn't stop me from spending over $300 at ASOS. *looks away*

So for now, I am going to try and limit my spending. As best as I can.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Great Minds

Did I tell you all that I am visiting Sass on the 27th of May?


Oh well I am, mainly because she needs super big hugs and because I loves her [as a friend, even if she is scary and doesn't let me shop online].

I am getting some pacman biscuits when I get up there too.

Anywho, we are awesome. Swear that we must have the same brain or something.

How else would we have on the almost exact same clothes again?!

* Yes I have bed hair, so please excuse that.

Carly: I just need to make my box bigger so you can see me.
Sass: Oh wait, I should do that too.
Carly: Um, why? Hahahaha

** Some words may have been change due to my poor memory of words.

See you soon!

ps. If anyone wants to come to the zoo [yes, the zoo] with us you're more then welcome too!


On Saturday I was at university. All day I was meant to be there.

I *ahem* spoke of gastro at my centre and explained that I wasn't feeling too good. I was not being all truthful.

I walked out, mentally hi-fiving myself. Grabbed my phone out of my bag ready to call JBHIFI who I had missed a call from earlier, because my iPad was in store!

And that's when it happened.

I tripped, I fell. Down the stairs at university.

Immediately I let out a swear word. Yeah, the one that starts with 'F' that I say a lot.

I stand up and pain shot right up my spine. I sat down and realised that I had fucking landed on my tailbone the first time around and *ahem* it was very sore.

I decide that I cannot stay at university any longer.

Do a quick look around, you know just to make sure that no one saw me fall down the stairs. Phew, no one did.

I tweet and call a friend. Who laughed at me. Rude much?

I hobble, very slowly, over to the shopping centre to pick up the iPad. No way was I leaving it there.

Have lunch and head home.

I take nurofen to numb myself and sleep for two whole hours Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was okay. I decided to do lunch with a friend and *ahem* as I am walking down the stairs I roll the other ankle. Scrape the side of my leg and swear, again.

I stand up realising that my ankle was just being a fakey-mc-faker and it's okay, my tailbone on the other hand is not too happy with me.

I have a nice black bruise on my arse now.

The doctor said I can't work until Thursday.

But for some reason, my tailbone hurts more! *cries*

I need it better and I need it better now. *stomps right foot*

Bet your weekend was better than mine.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Happy Moments

Life is a mixture of unexpected moments and those that you try to plan out, in fine detail. Not always going according to plan. Then not to mention karma gets thrown into the mix.

This week was full of happy moments, til last night. Let's just say I was not my normally happy self.

Some of my happy moments include:

Laughing myself silly with the girls from work during yoga.
Spending the entire week in my new place.
Picking up my iPad2 yesterday.
Beginning to see myself as beautiful thanks to my skinny mirror which made my legs look so long!
Planning my quick trip to Queensland to see Sass.

Have happy moments to share? Pop on over to We Heart Life and leave your own in the comments or link to your post!


Friday, May 6, 2011

You Are Beautiful

These words never sit with me well.

I don't think I am beautiful. Pretty I will name myself from time to time but they are few and far between.

I think I am getting better though.

Thanks to I take photographs of myself, a lot. Everyone probably thinks that I am completely up myself and vain, but I'm not. If I am feeling pretty I want to capture it. So I remember it.

So I will take photographs to remind myself that I am beautiful, because I need to teach myself that I am.

Just. As. I. Am.

Frogs, Yoga and Laughter

Thursday are generally quite busy days in our room. We are generally within ratio [of 1:4] and it is hectic, very rarely in our room do you have time to realise how quiet it is.

This morning I was sitting in the staff room before my shift started, and I answered the phone. It was the reptile man confirming that he was visiting today. He sounded cute, even my director can agree and confirm on this!

Anyway, I am known as "princess" in our room, due to my delicate nature. Hmm, yes. So they were on their merry way to set me up, lovely girls.

We are outside, it's just a little after ten in the morning [I have been at the centre for over two hours] and *ahem* I notice a hole in my pants! Directly where my undies sit. Thankfully I was not wearing anything lacy because, hello. Also, lucky that I had a tank top on too which covered it easily.

The day went okay and when the reptile man arrived, I immediately gestured to the girls in my room a very firm shake of the head.

When we went and saw the snake, lizard, frog, turtle and mouse it was fun. One of our children was extremely excited. Some of the staff ran away screaming when the snake was shown. Hehe. I of course, had a frog whacked on my palm while the child in my lap tried to squish it away, before the aforementioned reptile man decided to put it in my HAIR! I was squealing for it to be out of my hair and was a good few minutes before it was removed. Frogs do not feel nice.

The rest of the afternoon flew by as I had a chunk of programming time and my little shadow helped me with sticking photographs to the window before I decided that working thirty minutes over was enough and I wanted a bit of a break.

Well, that's just where it started. For the rest of the afternoon, and because we had a staff meeting the entire staff room was full, it was all about setting me up with someone that visits the centre. Delivery guys were mentioned. Even my type was examined.

I did mention that the guy that changes the fire extinguishers was cute, which meant that I needed a child to knock one of them off, so of course they need to be repaired.

By then I had consumed coke and chocolate and was a little more hyper than normal, my blogs name is very much true of my personality.

We laughed our way through yoga, and I was told that I was to have no more chocolate and that I was being watched.

The yoga for children was extremely fun and *ahem* I think that I may have been a little too loud and giggly at times. My director even mentioned separating a few of us. *ahem*

I love the group of people that I work with at this centre, it just feels so awesome.


Thursday, May 5, 2011


I dislike the night.

I used to love the night.

The night meant snuggles, kisses, hands wandering, laughter, deep and meaningful conversations, twitter from beneath the covers, and other moments.

While I would occasionally have nightmares, sleep talk about random things or snore. My nights were perfect.

Last night I had no one to keep me warm, I had to use my own body heat and being completely honest with you, it sucked.

I am fine during the day, almost to the point where I don't notice that I am alone, but of the night, oh jeebus do I notice it.

If it isn't the lack of meaningful conversation, to having to warm my own toes in bed with no one to snuggle up behind me, or cooking for one, I am just getting pangs of alone.

It sucks.

Then the what ifs go through my mind and I just feel like maybe, just maybe, it should/could/would have been different.


A while ago I was asked to tell something no one knows about me.

I was stumped.

Like seriously stumped.

I had no idea what I could share, because I share everything.

I blog about everything.

If something happened in my life, that I felt was a moment that I needed to share, I would share it.

While I do omit some details, like I haven't shared a few moments I have had recently with you mainly because I just don't feel I can yet. Or should. I do share a lot of my life with you all.

Most of you know about my childhood, my teenage years and have been following me the last three years [no, not here but on my old blog]. Which means that you know a lot.

So, I am a little curious to know, if you blog [or tweet 'cause I share a lot there too!] how much do you share?


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

All About Me

I have quite a few moments where I want to be the centre of the universe.

Where I want everyone to make sure that I am okay.

That everyone is concerned about me.

That they show me that they care.

Most of the time, I don't have a kick and scream about this little want and need that I have, because generally it is satisfied.

Oh and please don't read this and think that I am only concerned about me. Seriously, if you think that then you are silly.

But I have times when I need to be that one person that someone wants to know is okay.

And right now, I don't have anyone to make sure I am okay.



The photographs are coming. Honest.

The place just looks like a mess.

So let's have a little looksee through the photographs that I have taken in the last few days of my new place.

Totally in love with it.

My first image from inside my new apartment <3 ps. Walls are white/off-white, not blue.

The two windows I get to look out from have a little courtyard just outside.

My kitchen which is in the same room as my bed.. It's a studio apartment.

My bathroom and laundry.

One side of my room.

And the other side.

Oh, hello there mess. Everything has officially been moved in.

Finally got the television set up.

The first morning in my new apartment.

I picked an awesome bed. Honest.

This may or may not be what the room still looks like..

Once I have everything packed away and a few little knick knacks in my space. I will show you all.