Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Sass Is Awesome

Sass from The Life of Bees is like my twin.

No, seriously.

Take tonight for example, I asked for a jumper and was thrown just any type. Then we realised we matched.

So it just had to be screen shot.

Not only that but we have an awesome sense of humour. Just take some of our tweets to each other.

But I cannot show you cause she didn't @ reply me properly so the conversation would be linked. Hmmf.

She is an awesome blog designer. Just take a look at my own blog.

She is as loud as me!

Swears too! So I don't sound like a sailor...

We can show each other pimples and she can feel comfy enough to wear no pants. However, it is pants off Friday so I will let it slide. Just this once.

She likes Mumford & Sons. Probably as much as I do.

She bought smurfberries, a few more than me, and got in trouble for it too!

And I totally could go on, but I must go and finish our skype conversation.

ps. I was not paid to write this, however I was told that this should be written.
pps. If I am awesome, then she is awesome too by default. Afterall everything is the same for twins. Right?


1 comment:

stink-bomb said...

i refuse to believe that there could be ANYONE, anyone i say, in this world who could NOT love our Sass!!