Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The photographs are coming. Honest.

The place just looks like a mess.

So let's have a little looksee through the photographs that I have taken in the last few days of my new place.

Totally in love with it.

My first image from inside my new apartment <3 ps. Walls are white/off-white, not blue.

The two windows I get to look out from have a little courtyard just outside.

My kitchen which is in the same room as my bed.. It's a studio apartment.

My bathroom and laundry.

One side of my room.

And the other side.

Oh, hello there mess. Everything has officially been moved in.

Finally got the television set up.

The first morning in my new apartment.

I picked an awesome bed. Honest.

This may or may not be what the room still looks like..

Once I have everything packed away and a few little knick knacks in my space. I will show you all. 



Brittonie W said...

That is a lovely studio you have picked up there! The bathroom looks especially nice and new. And that bed! I love the covers, where did you get them?

And that TV! Wow~ yes, pity there is nothing worth watching on TV these days.. DVD time!

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Your apartment is flipping AMAZING, Carly! Well done and congratulations!