Tuesday, May 10, 2011


On Saturday I was at university. All day I was meant to be there.

I *ahem* spoke of gastro at my centre and explained that I wasn't feeling too good. I was not being all truthful.

I walked out, mentally hi-fiving myself. Grabbed my phone out of my bag ready to call JBHIFI who I had missed a call from earlier, because my iPad was in store!

And that's when it happened.

I tripped, I fell. Down the stairs at university.

Immediately I let out a swear word. Yeah, the one that starts with 'F' that I say a lot.

I stand up and pain shot right up my spine. I sat down and realised that I had fucking landed on my tailbone the first time around and *ahem* it was very sore.

I decide that I cannot stay at university any longer.

Do a quick look around, you know just to make sure that no one saw me fall down the stairs. Phew, no one did.

I tweet and call a friend. Who laughed at me. Rude much?

I hobble, very slowly, over to the shopping centre to pick up the iPad. No way was I leaving it there.

Have lunch and head home.

I take nurofen to numb myself and sleep for two whole hours Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was okay. I decided to do lunch with a friend and *ahem* as I am walking down the stairs I roll the other ankle. Scrape the side of my leg and swear, again.

I stand up realising that my ankle was just being a fakey-mc-faker and it's okay, my tailbone on the other hand is not too happy with me.

I have a nice black bruise on my arse now.

The doctor said I can't work until Thursday.

But for some reason, my tailbone hurts more! *cries*

I need it better and I need it better now. *stomps right foot*

Bet your weekend was better than mine.

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