Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Went Shopping

Yeah, I know. I said I was going to stop.

No more shopping for me.

Well I needed to pick up my trench coat.

I walked past ruby shoes. Had two exact pairs of ballet flats in my hand [one brown the other black]; two pairs of tights and a white scarf. $80 later I exited the store. Happier.

Then I found myself in Myer. I was meant to be in there shopping for Aly's wedding present, but I forgot the card. I am kind of running out of time now. Eeek. Oh and I went in there for a jumper too.

I walked out after spending $38.50 with a dress. A freaking DRESS! It is coming into winter and I buy a dress.

What the fuck what I thinking?

After that I thought it'd be wise to just leave the entire complex. I was not safe in there. Neither was my credit card.

So $200 spent yesterday. Fuck.

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Anonymous said...

It happens hon - sometimes it just does....