Sunday, September 18, 2011


The last few days okay weeks I have been feeling a little ugh with myself.

I was running around with the boys on Friday at work. Yeah I was running around with three two year olds. Tackling them to the ground and tickling them. Letting them pull me to the ground and then jump on me.

And I ended up feeling exhausted.

Probably doesn't help that I had Strep C and then managed an entire week at work only to end up with the flu.

Yeah, seriously.

But I love playing with the children at work. It is fun and they have fun. I honestly love seeing them smile when I am doing something with them.

I generally have these moments a lot lately. Mind you I seem to be slipping into smaller sized clothing. Go figure!

I know why I feel like this. I don't cook at home anymore. I live off takeaway.

However I do walk every day. During the week I do a 4k walk each day.

When I first moved here, in the beginning I noticed the weight just fall off me. I loved it.

Yeah, I was definitely the idiot who gloated about the fact that I could eat pizza and lose weight.

It just isn't the case anymore and I am starting to notice a major decline in my health.

And well I kinda want my legs to be a little bit more toner. Because seriously I have fallen in love with them.

Not to mention I feel a little self-conscious when the guy that I have been seeing touches my stomach.

So, I was walking to Broadway, to shop of course, the other day and noticed that they had a Fernwood. While I know that it is generally a more exxy gym I like that it is females only.

They have a little "beach bod boost" thingy-ma-jiggy starting on the 3rd of October. Considering doing it.

I figure if I get a little kickstart from elsewhere then I will get in the habit of walking jogging again.


Or am I just kidding myself? If I don't have the motivation in the first place will I just fail and waste money?


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