Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Love Weddings

I love weddings. They are fun.

Usually there are tears too, but most of the time they are from happiness.

While I didn't know a lot of people that were at the wedding, besides the ones I had met at the bridal shower, I was still really excited for a lovely event.

I was so not even consumed with taking a photograph, that I forgot to take a photo of my outfit. *facepalm* Or even one of myself!

So after the little church thingy-ma-jiggy [word is escaping me right now]. I snapped this picture once I got into a car before heading back to one of the girls' houses until the reception started.

We then stayed there for the two hours and ate maccas and maltesers. And talked of course. Before heading back to the reception.

I quickly snapped a picture of myself from inside.

Then ran over and snapped the cake because it looked amazing.

I would love to say the cake tasted delicious but because I was wearing those suck-you-in-undies I was unable to finish one entire meal. Let alone sit down comfortably.

Mental note to self: Do not wear the suck-you-in-undies when you have to sit down and try to consume a delicious three course meal.

Aly, the food was DELICIOUS by the way. Excellent choice. Loved my chicken!

Then I ran over to Aly who just happened to find her hubby and quickly snapped a shot of them two.

Before asking Aly for a piccy of the two of us.

I had something in my eye when the Maid of Honour was giving her speech. For some strange reason my eye started to produce a water-like substance.

It was a lovely night and I am so glad that I went, and was invited!

Congrats to you both! xx

ps. These are the only photographs I took during the whole day. My phone was very MIA during the night.

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