Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Nervous

I was due for the pap smear back in May.

It was put off because of my tailbone.

Then when I went to the doctors the other morning for a super quick visit it was really just to get some antibiotics.

I probably won't have time to get there before the first weekend in July.

But now I am getting nervous.

Last time I put it off, I ended up with CIN3.

Seems me and karma have a little battle happening. For some unknown reason. Of course.


stink-bomb said...

ugh. mines due at the minute - thanks for the reminder, will make an appt tomorrow.

keeping my fingers crossed all turns out to be a-ok for you [and me!]


Penny-lee-R said...

gosh,mine is over due,thx for the shove..cheers

Amy said...

Book it in, even if it's weeks away- you'll be able to relax a little once that appointment is penned into your book.

Thinking of you.