Saturday, May 28, 2011

Where Has The Year Gone?

If you have seen twentyeleven please let me know. I am not entirely sure where on Earth it has gone.

This year has just flown by at an alarming rate.

January I was in a happy, happy place and everything was perfect.

February my little blogging world was turned upside and made everything crash and burn.

March I was offered and accepted a job of my dreams.

April I parted ways with my boyfriend.

May I moved all by myself to the city and am loving it! I may have gone on a few too many shopping sprees though.

And then we are heading into June.

Who knows what June will bring! But I bet it will be as interesting and go as quickly as the other five months have!

What would be something that you could define each month by?


stink-bomb said...

wow what a full on year you've had so far!

unfortunately for me this year, a few of the months can be defined by death :-(

next month is going to be define by MY BIRTHDAY! though i'm in denial about the age i'm turning!

i'm glad you've got your job and that you took the plunge and moved to the city alone - because i think you're thriving, you come across as being really happy my sweet.


Surely Sarah @ Paper Reverie said...

January for me meant two big things - the Floods, and getting engaged.

February I don't even remember.

March my grandmother died:(

April I finished at my work after 7 years, and changed jobs.

May has been all about New Job and colder weather!

For sure, the year has just flown past. We'll be halfway to Xmas before we know it.

Kelsbells said...

January: the end of my 11 year relationship with my bf (since I was 15 - eep!)

February: my birthday & learning to appreciate my friends all over again (so highly needed after Jan's events)

March: new house, new housemates

April: the return of the social life

May: Uni stress and being broke broke broke!

Geez - you're right, the year really has flown by! Thank god for blogs and being able to look back to see what I've actually been doing with myself!