Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was walking home this afternoon.

Headphones in. Listening to Britney.

Walking ever so slowly.

Wondering where he would be on the train.

Then I cross a road.

One small little teeny intersection. A back street even!

And I don't look.

I am in the middle of the road.

The Australia Post van slams on his brakes. Literally bringing his van bouncing back and forth to a stop.

I jump.


I must remember to look in Sydney otherwise people will begin to think I have a death wish.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

25 by 25 Update

1. Buy more dresses.
Can safely cross this off. Just look over here at all my dresses.

2. Learn to walk in high heels.
Check out THESE! Can safely say I am perfecting my walk!

3. Exercise five days a week.
I walk to work and am debating heading to the gym.

4. Buy my first car.
Probably won't buy a car for a while. Just no need.

5. Be happy.
Feeling oh-so-happy more often then not lately!

6. Finish the degree.

Graduate on FRIDAY!

7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!} DELETE
Not happening. Was going to in July but seriously WTF am I going to sew?!

8. Buy a house. DELETE
Hoping that by 2015 I will own a little house.

9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop!

10. Kick my habit of biting my nails.
I have three nails as we speak. Seriously have a long way to go though [insert sadface].

11. Buy a corset.
Hmm. Might start looking for one and depending if I do the gym thing or not..

12. Get a DSLR. DELETE
Bought a point and shoot instead..

13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}.
Thinking of looking out for one of those cheap deal thingys.

14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery.
Will discuss next year; not overly important at the moment.

15. Get another tattoo.
October so that Sass can hold my hand while I am visiting her in Queensland. Unless I find a suitable hand-holder in Sydney.

16. Take more photographs.
Nods. Sure do!

17. Pay back my mum and nan all the money I borrowed.
Hope for by December 2011 to have paid them both back.

18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree. DELETE
Didn't happen. Credited. Again.

19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.

Maybe in October when I visit Sass?

20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}. DELETE
Not going to happen. Nu-uh. No time.

21. Go to a casino.

Maybe in October with Sass? Or maybe I can convince someone in Sydney?

22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney}
Brisbane in October. Have plenty of time to do the others!

23. Get professional photographs taken of us.
LOL not that we are together. However, I did have photographs taken of me the day after my birthday this year! Will show you when they are ready!

24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design} DELETE
Looked and cannot do anything with work due to working full time and TAFE don't offer many night courses for these.

25. Smile!

Officially saying that I have finished 6 with a lot close to being done.

Another six are deleted because they just simply cannot be done and are unrealistic!

Stay tuned for another update!


The last few days okay weeks I have been feeling a little ugh with myself.

I was running around with the boys on Friday at work. Yeah I was running around with three two year olds. Tackling them to the ground and tickling them. Letting them pull me to the ground and then jump on me.

And I ended up feeling exhausted.

Probably doesn't help that I had Strep C and then managed an entire week at work only to end up with the flu.

Yeah, seriously.

But I love playing with the children at work. It is fun and they have fun. I honestly love seeing them smile when I am doing something with them.

I generally have these moments a lot lately. Mind you I seem to be slipping into smaller sized clothing. Go figure!

I know why I feel like this. I don't cook at home anymore. I live off takeaway.

However I do walk every day. During the week I do a 4k walk each day.

When I first moved here, in the beginning I noticed the weight just fall off me. I loved it.

Yeah, I was definitely the idiot who gloated about the fact that I could eat pizza and lose weight.

It just isn't the case anymore and I am starting to notice a major decline in my health.

And well I kinda want my legs to be a little bit more toner. Because seriously I have fallen in love with them.

Not to mention I feel a little self-conscious when the guy that I have been seeing touches my stomach.

So, I was walking to Broadway, to shop of course, the other day and noticed that they had a Fernwood. While I know that it is generally a more exxy gym I like that it is females only.

They have a little "beach bod boost" thingy-ma-jiggy starting on the 3rd of October. Considering doing it.

I figure if I get a little kickstart from elsewhere then I will get in the habit of walking jogging again.


Or am I just kidding myself? If I don't have the motivation in the first place will I just fail and waste money?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


She knows how to break me.

She does it so easily.

I don't understand how she can sing my praises and gush over me one minute.

Then the next break me.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Sick... Again

So, I am sick. Again.

Saturday afternoon after we finished playing air hockey in one of those games arcades I started to feel a little dizzy. I just put it down to not eating lunch yet.

Then the cough hit.

Can I just say that a cough is just a pain in the arse. Seriously.

Last night I felt like my lung and my entire stomach at any moment would be coughed up. It didn't happen. Just in case you were wondering.

This morning I could barely move. Stupid aches and pains.

Then I figure a shower will make me feel better, it did last time I had aches and pains.

That is until I almost passed out in the shower.


That was when I started to cry. I don't like being alone when I am sick. Anything could happen and no one would know for days.

I went to the doctors and I have the flu.

Oh and my heart rate DOUBLED when I stood up. How awesome is that?


So I have to stay off from work til Thursday. Swapped my flexi day cause I was meant to have Thursday off. Instead I will work Thursday and Friday.

I miss being healthy and well.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

So, I am sitting here on my bed, sniffling. Some might say it is because I am sitting here watching sappy love movies; others would say it is hayfever.

I might probably agree that it is a little of both.

I visited IKEA the other day and purchased a couple of items. I seriously did not spend that much money.

Not to mention my apartment is super clean because I had an inspection.

Anyway, spring has sprung in my little home.

See for yourself:

How cute is that bedspread?!

I have another that is in blue and white.

Oh and that vase, maybe one day I can have real flowers in it.


Now onto more pressing matters. I was standing in front of my mirror and noticed my legs.

I must admit there was a while there where I never thought I could get back to my seventeen year old legs; oh how I miss them. But I think I am almost there!

Must. Continue. To. Walk.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Have Weird Blood

Did you know that I had Glandular Fever?

Yep, sure did. No idea when though.

But did you know that I apparently don't have it active in my body right now?

But did you also know that the blood count for Glandular Fever is higher than normal!

What. The. Fuck?!

Apparently my throat had Strep C. Shown from the swab results.

But my blood count showed no signs that it was fighting a disease.

What. The. Fuck?!

So my doctor cannot explain why I am feeling so fatigued all the time.

The slightest thing strains me. Even eating exhausts me.

I had that blood test on Monday. It is now Thursday.

My doctor thinks I may have had it very recently [and am experiencing the after-effects] or am about to have Glandular Fever [and my body is trying to fight it off].

I'm fucked either way.

Please send some energy and non-fatigue vibes my way. I would like to go back to work on Monday.