Sunday, May 15, 2011

Twenty-Five by Twenty-Five Update

So, this is the little list I created on my twenty-third birthday. Giving me two years to get all this done. Some things have changed, so I have edited them a little.

1. Buy more dresses. This one I am definitely working well on. I can think of at least three dresses that I purchased this year alone!
2. Learn to walk in high heels. I own two pairs now. Must. Learn. To. Walk. In. Them.
3. Exercise five days a week. I do an hour of walking [roughly] each day. To and from work. *winks*
4. Buy my first car. Maybe next year or towards the end of the year. Not a big thing for me at the  moment.
5. Be happy. I am happy, most of the time.
6. Finish the degree. Bring on June!
7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!} Hmm, maybe for my birthday?
8. Buy a house. Hah. Um, might not happen. Unless I save A LOT!
9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop! This one I definitely need to work on..
10. Kick my habit of biting my nails. I thought I had it kicked, but of course the nail breaks so I chew it off.
11. Buy a corset. Maybe when I have someone to wear it for.
12. Get a DSLR. For my birthday please?
13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}. I'm aiming for July-December this year.
14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery. Meh, don't really wear my glasses so not sure that I should really bother. But maybe to discuss laser-eye surgery for my 25th birthday?
15. Get another tattoo.
 This I have been thinking about a little more..
16. Take more photographs.
 Thanks to I definitely am taking more photographs!
17. Pay back my mum all the money I borrowed. *ahem* now need to include my nan in this too.
18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree.
 Not sure this will happen considering I only have two units left..
19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.
 Girls weekend maybe?
20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}.
 Um, time, where are you?
21. Go to a casino.
 Must do this soon! Well, maybe not soon because I have been shopping a little too much lately, but before the end of the year!
22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney} I'm thinking a few could be done on weekend trips.
23. Get professional photographs taken of us. We had this done in October last year...
24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design}
 Again, time is very limited these days, maybe once I finish the degree?
25. Smile! *grins*

A few others I could have crossed off but I still have another year and a bit to get them done and want to make sure I still work on them.

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Amy said...

That's a good effort on your list! :)