Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have a few little things to share with you.

Lets start at the most recent, shall we?

I bought a new dress today. Was $50 from Myer. But scanned as $35 thanks to 30% off. Bonus!

I had lunch with a friend from uni who I just love and miss seeing! It's amazing how alike we are!

I booked my tickets to Brisbane. I fly up the 23rd in the afternoon and come back on the 30th. Yep, an entire SEVEN days! So that means Brissy or nearby girls, if you want to have a little catch up, let me know!

I am officially no longer single. Yep to the sweet, sexy, smart man [SSSM]. Who I still haven't asked if I am allowed to blog about... I'm sure he won't mind.

I decided to delete this and my old blog. Since starting One Dress Too Many, I have decided that this just doesn't feel like a fit for me. So a new blog will be launched while I am up in Brisbane with Sass. 'Cause of course she does all my blog layouts!


I think that is all.

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Donna said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place for you - how wonderful!