Sunday, July 31, 2011


I felt so pretty today.

Take a look.

I did a photo shoot with my friend and had a ball.

Before we did the shoot I went to Napoleon Perdis and had my makeup done.

Loved every minute.

*side note: Have I ever told you all that if I hadn't of gotten into the Diploma of Children's Services back in 2006, I would have done my Diploma through NP?

I then spend just under five hundred dollars on makeup.

How on Earth did I do that?!

I am quite okay with that. I think that is more scary. That I didn't flinch once when she said the cost, just handed over my card like it was play money.

*side note: One might say I failed at my no-spend-July, me however would tell you that makeup doesn't count. Heheh.

Anyway, I had a ball. Laughed like crazy.

Cannot wait to the photographs, because seriously, she is an amazing photographer.

And don't worry, you will see them all too. *winks*

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