Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Official

I actually bought a pair of joggers this morning. Or whatever you call them.

I think technically they are "running" shoes.

Nike if you must know. Quite cheap too. Only $80!

Anyway, so I am booked in to see the nutrition person tomorrow afternoon after work.

I will have to call first thing in the morning to book the two inductions, because this morning when I called the person list wasn't up yet.

Otherwise I probably would of went today. Then again with how my legs are after those massive hills probably a nice thing that I am not there.

So now I am officially a gym-goer. Almost.


I guess you are probably wondering why I want to go to the gym if I am not being concerned about the number on the scales anymore (yeah that little nye resolution from last year in the sidebar...)

Well to be perfectly honest with you, it has nothing to do with losing weight.

I just want to be able to run around at work and not get puffed out.

I don't want to look at photographs of me and think "Woah, do I really look like that when I am sitting down?!"

And I kinda wouldn't mind a little muscle in my arms. Would make for lifting the little ones a bit easier.

And maybe a flatter stomach and tighter arse.

But hey, I am not ready to cut out all my yummy foods so if that last one doesn't happen then oh-the-fuck-well.

I'm all about loving food.


Now where did I leave that cookie from Subway?

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