Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Things

So because Sass did it, I have thought I should do it to do. Honestly, there is no gun being held to my head. She isn't on skype either. Promise.


Ten Things I Love:

1. Ice cream. Cookies and cream is my favourite, just in case you are buying.

2. Shopping. I swear you can leave your credit card with me. It will be safe.

3. Pretty dresses. Finding them can be difficult at times though especially with the boobage.

4. Cuddles. I love squishy cuddles, don't-let-me-go cuddles, just-had-sex cuddles, it's-cold cuddles. Actually I love all types of cuddles.

5. Boys with the name "Ryan". I have a slight "thing" for Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Beau Ryan.

6. Singing loudly. At the moment it is to Adele. Gawd that girl can sing, and I can too. Hehe.

7. Sex. There I said it. I love it. Cannot get enough of it. Especially when it is great, mind-blowing sex. Which is quite hard to come by these days.

8. Twitter. Fuck facebook in the face. Twitter is where it is at.

9. Navy stripes with red lippy. Oh my goodness it looks freaking amazing. I felt gorgeous the other day. Honest. Felt all "Hello Sailor-ish!"

10. My body. Over the past few months my body has changed so much; I am still a little in awe of its awesomeness. And at the moment I have positive body image 99% of the time. When I have my period all bets are off.

What about you? Huh? Spill!

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