Thursday, June 2, 2011


I have this urge to go on a date.

Like the opening of my car door date. But not really.

I'm not into that type of date.

Sweep me off my feet with laughter instead.

Anyway, so yes. I want to go on a date. A proper date.

Not a "hangout".

Because I think date nights are very needed. In any relationship!

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Sass said...

I totally agree!

I've been married almost 10 years and my husband and I still go on dates.
He books a restaurant that we haven't been to, we get dressed up, go out to eat and then maybe see a movie.

Or sometimes, we go fishing or just go for a walk together on the beach with some ice cream.

I think it's why Lex and I have such a good solid relationship. We make the time to "date" each other.
We have fun and flirt together.

It's nice.

I hope you get your date soon lovely.