Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Bad

So, I wandered through the shopping centre this afternoon after I had eaten my delicious dinner.

I had full intentions to buy myself a new handbag from Collete and then stumbled upon Cotton On Body.

Hmm, I thought and stepped inside for just a moment.


Who am I trying to kid?

I was in there for a decent thirty minutes, at least.

Ten undies, three tees and two shorts later I walked out.

$130 I had spent.

Immediately I had buyers remorse. I don't think it matters how damn cute those undies or shorts are [even if one of them does have cute owls on them] I probably shouldn't have spent that much.

I should never be allowed money in my bank account.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mmm Friends

My friend got home the other night, you know the one, she is letting me sleep in her bed until I move out this weekend. Super awesome friend.

Anyway, she loves to cook. And loves to cook for more than one person. Her words, not mine.

Last night we ate stuffed capsicum and mushrooms [I even ate mushrooms which I do not like]! Tonight we ate nachos. Mmm nachos.

The next two days one can only guess what delicious things I will be eating.

I know, you are all secretly jealous. It's okay, I would be too.

So, since this is about food, I might as well leave you with this:

Mmm crunchie.

It's a twin pack, but she can't eat it. Oh well. More for me ;)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okay, so a five day weekend can never be a good thing when you have millions of things to do. Let alone when you have lots of time to kill.

When I did absolutely nothing the first three days, I knew it would come back and bite me in the arse. And bite me it did.

Today I need to;

* Finish my essay of 1000 words. I have done a whopping 33 so far. Yes, it does include the title.
* Wash and dry the sheets as my friend is back today and yes. [These are totally already in the washing machine.]
* Call Harvey Norman and ask them about their bedding and see if I can pop over on Thursday night to buy my bed and make sure it is in stock for a Saturday delivery..
* Clean the room because I have come to realise that I am a person who makes piles of crap. I know where it all is, but it looks messy!
* Go to Telstra and pay the fee to get my phone off the staff contract and put it in my name and a new plan.

While it isn't a lot, if Harvey says I need to make the purchase today to use the interest free period then I am screwed.

Must. Finish. It. All.


Monday, April 25, 2011


A little scared. No, that's not the word. Nervous? No, that isn't it either. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I am it.

On Saturday I officially move into my little place. My cosy little studio apartment. To say I am excited about that is an understatement. I am really looking forward to living by myself for a while.

But what do I need to do?

I have never rented before. I know I need to get the electricity put on. But what else? I don't think I will bother with a phone, but I know I need the internet, purely for university purposes ;)

And then there is buying all the stuff that I need, which just quietly, I will love to do.

So while I figure out what I am, if you have any tips on what I need to get done this week [before I move in so that I am not left without anything] I'd love to hear them!


Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Happy Moments

Eating delicious hot cross buns.

Finding Baskin Robbins at Macquarie Centre, by complete accident. Squeeee!

Seeing some cute little ducks up close.

Catching up on Vampire Diaries. Mmmm. Damon.

Falling in love with my new wallet.


Linking up with We Heart Life!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

When I Am Drunk..

I tend to talk a lot more than normal.
I stumble over my feet and my words.
I say things that I probably shouldn't say [mainly because my brain just can't keep up with my mouth].
I plan spontaneous things.

Take last night for example. @Miss_Chezz started talking about shopping. Instantly I replied that I was going shopping tomorrow. Then somehow it was mentioned that I should travel to Brisbane.


This is where I decided that I must go to Brisbane for a shopping trip this weekend and began looking at flights.

It would cost me $300 to fly there and back. Silly long weekend.

So I had to decline. But seriously if it had of been $100 cheaper, I probably would have booked the flight.

It's a bad idea for me to get ideas whilst drinking, because I may follow through on them.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I haven't laughed in a while. I have had giggles, but not full on laughter.

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting dinner and it hit me, it was the long weekend and I have nothing planned [besides university assignments, which I grabbed work from work to do in order to *ahem* procrastinate with] so I figured a trip to the liquor store was a super idea.

Ahh, but then the problem arose. I walked in only to see those little cruisers were two for twentysix. I knew that I saved about six dollars if I bought the two. Dilemma. How drunk did I want to get?

So of course I posed the question on twitter and and received yeses. So it was done. Picked up two of my electric pink cruisers and wandered to the massive line up.

On the way home, my phone started ringing. It was my friend Jess from home [not the one who's house I am staying at]. Immediately we started talking like we used to every morning before heading off to high school.

She had me in stitches over her dilemma. Which I can't say too much about, never know who reads this.

Like full on laughter. To the point where I was sure I would burst.

Provided me with entertainment for the entire night.

However, I only drank two bottles. Which as some of you would know, peps me up to the point where I overshare, I talk far too much [yes, more than normal] and probably said one or two things I shouldn't have.

Really should learn to lock my phone and not have access to the internet.

On a brighter note, I think I convinced her to drive to Sydney one weekend. Hurrah!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Being Alone

I don't remember being alone. I have always had people around me. Which is probably why I am forever skyping with Sass or calling her. She no doubt is getting seriously sick of me.

Since I was sixteen there has always been a guy around. Be it a "special" friend, a boyfriend or just someone I texted all the time with serious flirtation.

I always had a male that I could turn to, that was proud of me, that would give me compliments, that would make me smile and laugh, and feel special.

The other day, I got an assignment back and I realised that I have no male to say to me that they were proud. It sucked.

Being single sucks.

[insert a sad face here]

Back At Work

While I still don't feel 100% I'm back at work today.

Thankfully it is just a cough that I have now, something which all the babies have. So I fit right in ;)

I am enjoying my warm squishy cuddles.

The smile on the toddlers faces when I walked through the door and the babies looking up at me with their arms outstretched.

And when I read the three new books, okay so I didn't read them, we more just looked at the awesome pop-ups, I loved watching the three older boys became entranced by the dinosaurs. Was amazing to watch and I got disapproving looks when I tried to change books.

I love what I do.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Lately, actually not just lately, I have wanted to do it for a while and now with the fact that I have a full time job it's possible, is to take a short trip away when I finish the degree.

I'm thinking in September, mainly because I will need annual leave and I will need a little in my savings bank.

But where to?

Las Vegas?
New York?

Or stay in Australia, and visit Melbourne or Queensland?

It would only be for a week maximum. Totally open to suggestions. And if you would like to come, I am totally open to having a travel buddy!


Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Official!

So after a horrible day where I was drenched not once, but twice when I was trying to view three places. I applied for all three and hoped for the best.

When I first decided I wanted to move to the city, it is for work and just because maybe I should do something for me while I am young. I didn't expect to be moving alone but I am.

So I officially get to move in on the 30th of April. Incredibly lucky to have found something super quick.

I cannot wait to make the little studio apartment mine. Put my little stamp on it. Make it a home.

Super excited!


ps. Once I move in I will share pictures for you all!

What I Am Wearing

Tank: Jeanswest
Shorts: Cotton On
Thongs: Havaianas

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pity Party For Carly

I am sick.

Not like a little. A lot.

I'm seriously beginning to think I have caught the male cold, you know the one where they always think they are dying.

Yep, that one. I think I caught it from all the male babies at work.

So, I'm dying. This cold or flu. Whatever it wants to be named is making me extremely emotional and needy.

Can I has a hug please?

I do love to share my germs. *winks*

Happy Moments

Well, that is one week I would rather not relive. But we aren't here to focus on the negatives today! It's all about the positives!


So, my happy moments include:

Having two awesome friends, one even blogging about me.
Smiling at random people.
Laughing at myself when my umbrella broke.
Giving a homeless women $20, just because.
Seeing the silver lining even after a terrible day.
Sleeping on the comfiest bed, pity with no one next to me though.

Why not pop on over to We Heart Life and share your happy moments too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What A Day

So this morning I woke up and was pumped to go and view the two houses.

I saw my friend's umbrella but opted not to take it.

I think I made it to the first shelter before I realise how badly I had fucked up. I was drenched not once but twice today.


The houses were gorgeous though and I am seriously hoping that I get one of them! So I would appreciate some fingers and toes crossed. Have a look at what I love from IKEA and Fantastic Furniture.

Here are my tweets from today [most recent are up the top as they would appear in my feed]. And yes, some are a little dramatic, but it is my tweets we are discussing *winks* :


Beds and Lounges, Oh My!

So, with the possibility that I will have a little studio apartment to call my own within the next week [can you say excited?!] I have been searching on IKEA and Fantastic Furniture for a few pieces.

I fell in love with these beds:

I simply must have a queen bed. Yes there is just me, but I like to roll and I might learn to sleep in the middle.

Both are white, which is quite surprising because almost everything that I bought before was wooden.

Then you must find the comfiest mattress. Now, the mattress that I am on at the moment is SUPER comfy. It hugs you! I am very much in love with it and when I asked my friend how much she paid and where she got it from, I was a little worried when she told me it was $1000. So I think maybe I will come back to get this mattress at the end of the year.

So instead I liked these three.

I have a little thing for pillow top mattresses. If you have one, I am totally sold. I shall sleep in that bed for millions of years with no complaint. Or at least I don't think I would complain.

Okay. The only other thing that I am really looking at purchasing when I do move initially is a lounge and maybe a desk.

These are both from IKEA and are super cheap.

Other than that, I will just be getting little knick-knacks.

The three places that I viewed today I am totally in love with.

Pretty please cross your fingers for me?

ps. My friend's mattress is from the OMF [Original Mattress Factory].
pps. Linkage: Vogue; Malm; Pillowtop; Hjelmas; Hagavik; Klobo; and Micke.

Friday, April 15, 2011

If You're Sick

Stay home!

I decided that this morning a sore throat wasn't sick enough to stay home, I should have listened to my gut instinct and stayed home.

By midday I was exhausted and I don't just mean tired, I mean exhausted. Literally could barely move. I had severe aches and pains and all I wanted to do was sleep.

By my 2pm nappy change, where I change all twelve children, I was going incredibly slowly. After the third child, I could barely lift them! My entire body was aching.

My back actually felt like it was going to give out.

Because I had programming from 3pm - 4.15pm [and I finished at 4.15pm] I asked if I could go home early because I honestly could not picture myself lasting another hour and fifteen minutes sitting in a computer chair.

Seriously don't think I could handle sitting in an office for eight hours, I barely manage to sit in there for an hour before I lose my mind.

Anyway, so I went home early. So glad I did because seriously, I am exhausted, sore and tired. I am thinking it will be a super early night here.

Have a fantastic night!

And wish me luck for these apartments I am viewing tomorrow! <3



Thursday, April 14, 2011


I have huge ideas. Huge.

I was in the car with my friend last weekend when we were looking at houses in the city, and she pointed out her dream car. Something affordable that she would buy once she finishes university.

She then asked what my dream car was.

Instantly, and I mean instantly, I replied with "a lamborghini".

My friend laughed. She said she meant an achievable car.

I giggled and said it was totally achievable.

What's your dream car?


All Alone With No Internet

Oh hello.

So I'm okay, sort of. Currently blogging from my iPhone, using safari.

I will be elsewhere til I find myself a rental property. Which means I may not have access to the internet, besides on my phone.

If you're in Sydney, I could totally do with a hug.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Silver Lining

So this morning I wrote about how "bad" yesterday was.

Now to even it out:

: I received cuddles from little people
: I was supported by a friend when I really needed it
: I got to rant to another friend
: I received sweet text messages
: I had a lightbulb moment
: I smiled, a lot
: I realised I have a trench coat on layby

See. Even though it was a crappy day, I still had awesome, happy moments.


One Of Those Days

Yesterday was a bad day.

I woke up, not wanting to get out of bed. Was just too cold. Perfect weather for movies or sleeping all day.

I froze my way in the taxi. Got out of said taxi in somewhat of a sleepy-haze. As I'm walking to the station I notice someone asleep on the silver seats, and imagine how cold they would be. As I'm about to step up the gutter, I look down. I'm wearing thongs, as I do everyday, but notice that I'm about to step on a needle, and not the kind you sew with. So I take an even bigger step and am grateful I looked down.

As I'm walking up the station steps, after I pass the people waiting for the meth clinic to open, I notice broken beer bottle glass, everywhere. I delicately walk around it only to make eye contact with a guy at the top of the stairs, attempting to stick himself with a needle. He turns away almost immediately.

I walk to the platform. Get on my train, only to receive a phone call of a child-like tantrum. It frustrates me, a lot.

I arrive at work. Start my shift, then it happens. Phone call after phone call. Train lines aren't moving. Staff are running late.

The rest of the day is somewhat a blur. Except me screaming as I was carrying a bug on a leaf to throw outside the fence. The boys thought this was funny and decided to mimic me. Which I thought was a little cute.

One of my bubs did get a high temp though the poor thing.

I got home and collapsed.

Sure more stuff happened, some sweet, some good and some awesome. More on that later ;)

Today is a new day <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

What Makes My Heart Happy

I read a little quote yesterday, something about not being able to love another before you can find what makes your own heart happy.

There are a lot of things that make my heart happy.

A lot.

What makes my heart happy?

Listening to the rain fall. Finding something cute while shopping. Feeling the sun on my skin. Jumping in puddles. Laughing loudly. Talking. Smiling at random people. Giving others compliments. Being given a compliment. Looking in the mirror and loving what I see. Knowing that I am worth it. Getting squishy cuddles from babies. Receiving unexpected text messages. Listening to Mumford & Sons. Blogging. Learning more about me. Watching movies. Reading novels. Listening to love stories. Hearing from friends. Taking bubble baths. Watching butterflies. Eating ice cream, no matter the weather. Painting my toenails. Organising myself. Rainbows. Chocolate. Sparkly shoes. Taking photographs. Headbands. Stationery. Remembering. Strawberry thickshakes. Seeing my family. Growing my nails. Getting the giggles late at night. Grey's Anatomy. Having a good cry. Optimism. 

I could go on. But I think I will stop there.

What makes your heart happy?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Sign?

Happy Moments

Happy Moments is something started by We Heart Life and happens every Sunday. It is a great way to remember the small things that happened throughout the week!

Some of this weeks include:

Falling in love with myself, thanks to
Totally loving my boobs on Sunday morning
Feeling the warm sun on my feet as I was catching the train one morning
Smiling at random people for no reason other than to get a smile back
Laughing with Jess as I almost stacked it
Looking through rental properties and getting excited

Do you have any happy moments? Why not link them up on We Heart Life!


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stomps Foot

Yes, I do realise that that is a totally immature and childish thing to do but I am a little cranky.

I looked at two studio apartments, both of them I loved [this was a favourite until I saw the next one!]. I will totally be applying for both of them, but you know what is totally sucky, having no rental history. Does this mean I have like no chance? Ever?

I did look at a couple of two bedroom apartments that I would be moving into with a friend. But I was a little disappointed when I didn't hear from her at all this morning. [insert sad face here]

So, now I am a little unsure of what to do. Should I maybe broaden my search to Inner West and the North Shore type area too? Or just stick with my Glebe, Pyrmont, Annadale location?

All I know is that I am definitely moving to the city! And to be honest, I am extremely excited! <3

ps. I posted my grateful for over on We Heart Life today ;)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why Sass Is Awesome

Sass from The Life of Bees is like my twin.

No, seriously.

Take tonight for example, I asked for a jumper and was thrown just any type. Then we realised we matched.

So it just had to be screen shot.

Not only that but we have an awesome sense of humour. Just take some of our tweets to each other.

But I cannot show you cause she didn't @ reply me properly so the conversation would be linked. Hmmf.

She is an awesome blog designer. Just take a look at my own blog.

She is as loud as me!

Swears too! So I don't sound like a sailor...

We can show each other pimples and she can feel comfy enough to wear no pants. However, it is pants off Friday so I will let it slide. Just this once.

She likes Mumford & Sons. Probably as much as I do.

She bought smurfberries, a few more than me, and got in trouble for it too!

And I totally could go on, but I must go and finish our skype conversation.

ps. I was not paid to write this, however I was told that this should be written.
pps. If I am awesome, then she is awesome too by default. Afterall everything is the same for twins. Right?



I'm twenty-three years old and still have nightmares.

Last night it was that a spider, a big one, jumped out of my doona covers. I immediately sat up and grabbed my phone so I could search for the spider. By now I'm wide awake, my heart is racing and it's nearly 2am.

I eventually fall back asleep.

I dislike my nightmares. That was a little nightmare in comparison to others.

Do you still have nightmares? Or did they stop when you hit a certain age?

Thursday, April 7, 2011




After spending over an hour, I actually think it was closer to two, crying. I am exhausted.

I spent the night in an empty house, which for me is no easy feat. I actually expected to wake up all hours of the night. Being my usual scaredy-cat self.

But I must of been exhausted.

So right now, I'm blogging from the train because I hit snooze on my alarm one too many times this morning and didn't have the chance to post then and I feel like I could fall asleep right now, not to mention it took a lot of makeup to fix the eyes this morning.

Happy Thursday x

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I think I have changed.

I didn't really notice it until the other day. But I am different.

You wouldn't be able to tell by looking at me. But more how I think and what I do is changed.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Thrust It

I'm a prancer.

When getting dressed, I prance.

I dance and I sing and I shimmy my ass.
There may be times I sing into a hairbrush.

I have my getting ready routine, it's awesome.
If you wanna join, you are more than welcome.

It goes something like this.

 towel dry
 put on underwear.
And this ladies is where the fun begins.
Not like that.
Don't be rude.

The dancing begins.

Especially if there is this song playing.

I can't help it.
This song makes me want to do bad things with you.

So yesterday, whilst getting ready, I had this song blasting.
I was singing.
Think, ear splitting warbling.
In my head, I was a superstar.

I was dancing
In my head, Britney Spears calls me and asks for dance lessons because she needs to learn my mad skills.

There may have been hip thrusting.
There may have even been hairbrush singing.

And then I saw him.

My friendly next door neighbour.
On his roof.
Looking into my bedroom.

Now, in his defence, it is not his fault.
(unless he does this all the time and I've only just noticed, and if that's the case he's a creep and i'll have to stab him)

I have a door in my bedroom that leads to a little courtyard area down the side of our house.
It's very handy for those 3am "Mum I haffta pee" whines from Moo.

I had those doors open.
I had those doors open while I was prancing around my bedroom in just my pretty pink bra and knickers singing "I want to do bad things with you" into my hairbrush.

I saw him in the reflection of my dressing table mirror.

So, I did what any normal person would do.

I continued dancing like a crazy person.
And singing.

Well, I am a nice person.
And I would hate my neighbour to think that I thought that he was perving on me.
So, If I pretended to to see, it can be his little secret (and possibly retina burn but whatever, I was dancing all kinds of sexy)

I danced off into the bathroom
(and broke my routine, because 1. There weren't nearly enough hip thrusts and booty shakes in my dance. 2. The song hadn't finished. 3. I didn't need to use the bathroom.)

And there, I found my PJs and put them back on,
looked at my beet-red face,
took a deep breath
and proudly strutted out of my bedroom into the safety of my living room.
Where I tweeted my awful experience.

So, it's official.
My neighbour things I want to do bad things with him.
we need to move.
I need to keep the bedroom blinds CLOSED at ALL times.


Giggles. Last night, I came home and needed to post. So I asked Sass if she felt like she could write a post for me. Having lost her own blojo [blogging mojo] she trawled through her archives and found this cracker to share with you all.

Please excuse me. I have to go and get ready now.

So, while you wait for me to return to twitter, cause you all know I tweet a lot, why not pop on over to Sass' blog Life of the Bees. Not only is she an awesome friend to have but I am quite certain she is my twin!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Personally I'd Rather The Kisses


I dislike coffee.

I just never acquired the taste. Supposedly this is to happen through university. Maybe if I had of lived on campus it could have happened. But no.

I am not a coffee drinker.

Are you?


On The Hunt


I need a new pair of ballet flats.

As in desperate need. A black pair.

Every pair that I try on just do not fit. Personally I am convinced that I am an 8.25 but that size doesn't exist.

I also am wanting to find a gym.

Cheap preferably. Close to central would be nice.

While I figure at the moment I walk around 40 minutes a day, at the slowest pace. I kinda want a little more.

Maybe I should just look for a place that has access to a gym. *winks*

Any suggestions?


Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Loud Are You?

I would call myself a loud person. Actually I know that I am a loud person.

But lately, I have been wondering if my loudness, intimidates people.

If I am too loud.

If the confidence that I exude is a little too much.

If my personality is a little overbearing.

I hope not because well, that's me.

It is who I am.

It is how I define me.

I define myself as a loud person, in every facet of life. *winks*

Are you a loud person? Please tell me I am not alone.

My Happy Moments

Oh my goodness! It is Saturday already!


This week my happy moments are:

Having an awesome first day at work!
Feeling extremely pretty on Sunday last week and receiving compliments to make me blush!
Having a little one year old make me laugh and give me squishy hugs!
Realising that I forgot all about an assignment, but having some gorgeous tweeters help me out!
Surviving and loving my first week of work!
Having Sass create me a gorgeous new layout during a five hour phone conversation!

Do you have any to share? Feel free to pop on over to We Heart Life and link up!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Oh, Hello

Did you see the new pretty layout that Sass designed for me?

Blogs by Sass

We spent the last five hours on skype. Yes, we can both totally talk for that long. Thankfully it was on skype and not via a phone conversation, like we have been known to do! *looks away*

I loves it.

Just personally, it is totally me.

Sass nailed it. And put up with my perfectionism.

Yay Sass!

ps. If you need a blog makeover, promise you that she will do an ah-mah-zing job. Promise.

Exhausted Yet Energised

I have officially finished my first week of working.

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the phone to Aly and spoke about how exhausted I was. Exhausted, as in my feet were aching, my calves were on fire and I could barely think let alone string together an adequate sentence. Yet, I was energised. It was the weirdest feeling!

Was a really nice feeling though.

You know that saying about loving what you do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.

Totally true.

I may be exhausted, but I love what I do and enjoy walking to work each morning knowing that it will be filled with cuddles, smiles and laughter!

[I do realise there is the other side of work, that isn't so "fun" but I still love what I do.]


Friday, April 1, 2011


I cannot believe that I mixed up dates. I am the person who is organised to a tee. Never mixes anything up.

But *ahem* it appears that I have.

You see I have only just recently realised, as in the other day realised, that my assignment [worth around 25% of my grade] is *ahem* due in a week, from yesterday.

*looks away sheepishly*

So the last few days I have been frantically trying to find a book to use that incorporates mathematics.

A massive thankyou to @planningqueen; @SquiggleMum; @Childhood101; @breathegently and @leechbabe for helping me.

But I think @katepickle deserves an even bigger thankyou for thinking of the book, The Waterhole, and is one that I own! So no need to run around frantically trying to figure out what to use, or where to buy it from, because I own it and it's sitting right in front of me.

The moral of this story, check your dates in your diary!


What I Am Wearing

On Sunday, I went to a gorgeous little high tea themed bridal shower for Aly from Breathe Gently.

I had the best time. It was girly. It was full of laughter, especially from Carly [pantz] who made me laugh until my cheeks hurt! I also met a lot of girls that will be at the wedding! And honestly cannot wait to sit, laugh and chat with them again!

So, when I was getting ready Sunday morning, I needed to be pretty. The original dress I had purchased, just wasn't giving off the pretty vibe. Instead I went with the attire I wore the night before [more on that soon!]

Dress: Miss Shop
Tights: Kmart
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Necklace: Diva
Ring: Occasions Jewellers
Headband: Equip