Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Moments

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Here are some of my happy moments from this week!

♥ Feeling pretty.
♥ Getting snuggles.
♥ Receiving a call for work next week.
♥ Getting big things organised for We Heart Life.
♥ Having the best conversations.
♥ Feeling those butterflies.

I'm playing along with We Heart Life's Happy Moments.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Official!

Okay, so I am not going to get too excited, but it is official!

I officially have not one but four nails growing!

So what that the other six fingernails are bitten down, I still have four!


ps. It is not "easy" to grow your nails when you are a chronic biter.

Friday, February 25, 2011

How Do You Know?

Love. I believe in that head over heals, kiss me deeply, sweep me off my feet, happily ever after love.


How do you know when you are in love?


Love Him

When the boyfriend arrived home yesterday, he explained that his neck was stiff.

He had slept on it badly the night before and could barely move it!

I helped him out, getting his dinner, tea and icecream with sprinkles.

But what I loved most was when we climbed into bed.

I was facing him.

Then he tells me, "lay your way".

This results in extreme bouts of giggling from my end.

Eventually, after I stopped giggling, I rolled over to face the other way.

For about the first hour, we don't sleep touching, he had is arm around me.

Was bliss.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Maxi Skirt

Each week Danimezza puts up a different Polly Dolly challenge. This week its all about the Maxi Skirt.

I love the look of the maxi skirts and have never owned one. I do recall when I was in Bondi a while ago, I saw the prettiest maxi skirt on a girl walking past. Was gorgeous.

Anyway. Here is my take on the maxi dress:

Magaschoni wool tank top
95 GBP -

Michael Kors maxi skirt
$1,995 -

Don t Ask Amanda maxi skirt
60 AUD -

Christian louboutin pumps
550 GBP -

Mulberry handbag
$950 -

Mimco pearl hair accessory
45 GBP -

lasting silk uv foundation spf 20
$59 -

Triple Drama Mascara
$12 -

I found two skirts that I instantly fell in love with. The first being a leopard print maxi and then a lighter coloured one. I have added brown hues with both to create a neutral effect, and keep your eye firmly on the maxi skirt.

While I have added some killer heels, you all know that I cannot walk in them, so I am totally dreaming.

Now, where did I leave that credit card?


I Have Far Too Many Thoughts

Oh crap, was that my phone?

Shit, quickly call him back.

Boyfriend: Who is that?
Me: The guy that organises casual for this school.
Boyfriend: Can't you call him back?
Me: I am!

Straight to voicemail. Fuck.

Me: Fuck. He is already calling the next person.

Just wait a little while, they might have said no.

Oh yes! It is ringing.

Oh you've found someone. Fuck.


Maybe tomorrow? Oh yes that would be nice. At least then not all hope is lost.

Well, I just missed out on working. Something that I have been waiting all fucking week for. And I missed the phone call.


I am just going to wallow in self pity today.

That was just all the thoughts that went through my head in a ten minute time frame.


Oh how easily I can miss out on work.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Love That Bag

When we were shopping at one of the shopping centres the other day, I stepped into Colette [which is one of my new favourite stores!] and found this gorgeous bag:

No idea what the price is, but isn't it just so pretty?

And doesn't every girl need a blue handbag?


Shake It Like A Polaroid

Oh hello!

Do you love polaroids but don't have a polaroid camera?

I don't, but I am forever making my favourite images into polaroids.

Wanna know how?

Download Poladroid! It is my favourite little program. Ever.

Which brings me to my little linkup.

Share your favourite pictures every Wednesday, in the form of a polaroid!

It doesn't have to be one that you photographed yourself, but if you do use an image I do suggest you credit it ~ you know good karma and all.

This was taken on our first date at the Sydney Aquarium. The stingray looks like he is smiling it at you and was something that we both noticed when going back through the images!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Place & Yours: What I am Reading

Oh, I can just tell you are about to get so incredibly excited to see what I am reading.

Seriously, textbooks, even if they are just journal articles all mashed together, should never be that thick.

Best bit? This is the only textbook I had to buy because for my other unit, I get to access all the journal articles online.

This is a part of Hello Owl's My Place & Yours where Danielle puts up a new theme each Tuesday.

University is Back!

I am finally able to say, this is my last four months of University.

And boy, does that feel good to be able to say that!

Obviously, that is not including if I ever choose to go back and study my Masters or PHD. But that is another post.

Just yesterday I was looking through the unit outline for my fourth year unit. It is all about Mathematics, Science and Technology, specifically looking into Early Childhood Education.

Within minutes I could feel my head pounding, already beginning to stress out.

Days earlier, I had received a copy of the Education's unit outline, this is not an Early Childhood unit rather an Education unit. While it is third year, I was a little gobsmacked when I read it to say the least.

The essay question, was simple. They had even explained how to answer it!

Just quietly, none of my third year units ever did that for me.

Anyway, I will be fine, because after all. This is my last semester of University and just means that my not so easy unit will be complimented very nicely by the very easy unit.

While I just go and dance, because I will never have to read another unit outline {for a while!} feel free to leave a comment and share with me the feelings that you had when you knew that it was your last semester or year at University, TAFE or school?

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Shoe Surprise

I love shoes. It is no secret. Only just the other day, I blogged about my wish list lust which held not one but three Louboutin's!

Then yesterday I mentioned that I have some pretty new shoes. Both Sass and Tina got very excited over this! So I thought I just had to share them with you.


Cute shoes?

Upon further inspection, I found that a lot of the blogs that I follow love shoes. Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim in particular. Eight pages worth of shoe goodness on her blog, well according to the search! Melissa from Suger Coat It had about the same.

Sass from Life of the Bees tells it straight: "I have a serious money spending issue (though I really don't think that spending money on shoes should be frowned upon. They are a necessity. A necessity I tell you)" {taken from post titled Bribary}

Melissa from Suger Coat It shares a little problem she was having in December last year, whereby she was down to just three dressy shoes! I wonder how many shoes she has now after her shopping trip?

Then, Chantelle from Fat Mum Slim shared a gorgeous little post about needing to buy Lacey her first proper shoes! Oh boy, were they cute!

Tina from Tina Gray {dot} Me wrote about the problem with buying shoe racks with the idea of keeping everyone's shoes tidy. Didn't work for her, does it work for you?

Even all the people that share images on We Heart It love shoes! Over 2500 images! Holy smokes!

Chantelle, also shared two shoes; her converse and these cute bow shoes. Love.

Danimezza went shoe shopping recently, my favourite kind of shopping, and picked up these babies. I literally just realised, upon closer inspection that the first pair of shoes I own! I bought them last year on a shopping trip! Great taste!

Do you own a pair of yellow shoes? No, well Melissa does! She shared them back in May last year and I just love them! They are too cute and have bows!

And when real shopping fails, why not attempt some virtual shoe shopping? Tina did!


Do you love shoes? Tell me about them! I love shoes!

ps. If you have a shoe post, be sure to leave the link in the comments so I can have a looksee.
pps. Sorry about the shocking photograph of my shoes on.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

February Twentieth

So I weighed in this morning.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting a loss.

This last week I hadn't eaten very well, let alone even exercised.

The week before, was better though. I exercised everyday that week.

I am hoping that tomorrow I will find the drive and motivation to get on the bike for a good thirty-forty minutes. I might watch an episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Oh yes, back to my weigh in.

So before I weighed 89.5 kilograms. Shocking to say the least.

Today I weighed 87.7 kilograms. A loss of 1.8 kilograms in a month.


Happy Moments

I'm getting there. Promise.

Here are my happy moments:

♥ Getting flowers from the boyfriend.
♥ Buying cute new shoes!
♥ Having over a ninety minute conversation with Sass.

This is a part of We Heart Life's Happy Moments that goes live every Sunday!

Friday, February 18, 2011

This Week I Am Grateful For... Flowers

Valentine's Day came and passed.

The boyfriend was working on the Monday, so after being at his mum's house on the Sunday afternoon, he came home with flowers and some chocolates.


Playing along with Maxabella:

Wish List Lust

I love to shop. Whether it is for a present, myself or for food. I love it.

It puts me into a happy place.

At the moment, because we are trying to save our money, shopping for myself is way down the bottom of the list.

I can dream though.

Top Five Wish List Lust for February TwentyEleven:

1. A Tulip Dress from Damn You Alexis
2. Fancy Deep Pink Diamond Ring* from Tiffany & Co.
3. Une Plume by Christian Louboutin
4. Fifi** by Christian Louboutin
5. Very Riche** by Christian Louboutin

Do you create wish lists?


* You must look at that ring!
** I can't decide which I like better, so I will get them both.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Not So Fit And Healthy

Okay, so earlier, like a week ago, I wrote this post saying how I was grateful to have some drive and motivation when it came to exercising.

Oh boy did I fall off that wagon.

This week has been an utter failure. Not one ounce of exercise has taken place.

I am beginning to think that I need to call the dinosaur in.

It isn't like I haven't thought about exercising, because I have. Believe me, most nights I think that maybe I should go for a walk. Or do some exercise on the wii fit. Or jump on the bike for twenty minutes, or until I feel like dying.

But I haven't.

I am meant to be weighing in, 'cause you know, I only weigh in every month now as my weight is a serial fluctuator, on Sunday.

It's scary stuff. The weighing in, not the exercising. Though that could be scary since its been a week.

I am beginning to wonder what to do. I was feeling great when I was getting out and walking every night.

Now, I just cant be fucked.

What do you do to make sure you get some exercise time in?


5 Minute Fashion

A little while ago, Danimezza posted 5 Minute Fashion. Danimezza search on ASOS for five minutes and came up with some pretty awesome finds.

This morning, I stumbled upon Rare Fashion and fell in love instantly with this item in particular. {Thank you Polyvore}.

Then I thought, I might have a go and see how much I can grab in five minutes.

Having never been on the site before, let alone searching. I was a little lost to say the least. So I started in the clothing tab and then searched around. I didn't look at the clothing individually, only picking based on what I could see in the gallery where everything is all together.

I mainly grabbed dresses. I have a thing for dresses.

I grabbed twelve items. Here they are:

Feather Shoulder Dress

Ruffle Neck Pleat Dress

Opulence Ruched Print Puffball Dress

Feather Shoulder Dress

Mesh Tube Dress

Elastic Wrap Platform Shoe

Stud Ballet Pump

Mini Tulip Skirt

Chiffon Stud V-Neck Dress

Mollie Peplum Dress

Pocket Trousers

Chiffon Bandeau Dress


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Five Reasons I Cannot Wait To Become a Mum


I was born to be a mum.

I love children. It is what I love to do every day.

I want that feeling of knowing that I am growing something so precious.

Babies are just incredible; the softest skin, sweetest smell, cutest chubby cheeks.

I should put these hips to use.

To be honest, no amount of words can express this desire.


ps. I know I said five, but six just needed to be included.

Single Scoop or Bucket Days?

Ice Cream Cartoon

Most days are single scoop days. Having worked in an ice cream shop for most of my teenage years, I will just admit very quietly right now, that I don't think any day is a single scoop day. Two scoops is at least needed to make sure you get the full ice cream taste.

I'm just being honest.

Today isn't. It is a bucket day.

Today I am sitting here questioning whether being a casual, who will and can literally be called up anywhere from six to eight in the morning to work that day.

While the pay is absolutely awesome, I am beginning to question whether this is the right thing for us, right now.

We are trying to pay off the debt that the boyfriend and I accumulated and save for a house deposit. With only one income, even though our money is just that our money, one income is very hard to do it on.

Should I just continue trying out casual for the next six months, while I am still finishing off university and hope with all my toes and fingers crossed that I will get called more often?

Or do I just begin to look for full-time roles in the Early Childhood industry?


{Image: Cartoons about Women by Cathy Thorne}

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Twenty-Five by Twenty-Five

Given that I turn twenty-four this year, I feel that it is only fitting to make this little goal to be achievable by my twenty-fifth birthday. After all, twenty-five is more of a milestone.

With five hundred and thirty days until my twenty-fifth birthday, here is my list of twenty-five things I wish to complete:

1. Buy more dresses.
2. Learn to walk in high heels.
3. Exercise five days a week.
4. Buy my first car.
5. Be happy.
6. Finish the degree.
7. Buy a sewing machine {and actually sew!}
8. Buy a house.
9. Learn the art of saving and still being able to shop!
10. Kick my habit of biting my nails.
11. Buy a corset.
12. Get a DSLR.
13. Get my teeth whitened {re: bleached}.

14. Discuss contacts or laser-eye surgery.
15. Get another tattoo.

16. Take more photographs.

17. Pay back my mum all the money I borrowed.
18. Get a HD for a unit overall or assignment {again} before I finish the degree.

19. Visit the theme parks in Queensland with the boyfriend.

20. Make a scrapbook {digital or handmade}.

21. Go to a casino.

22. Visit all the major cities of Australia {Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra + Sydney}
23. Get professional photographs taken of us.
24. Do a short course in something fun! {Photography, cooking, french or interior design}

25. Smile!

Do you make these type of lists? Feel free to dig up your link and share it below in the comments!


A Weighty Issue

So, one of my resolutions for this year, is to no longer see myself as a number but to become fit and healthy.

I am still weighing in, but only once a month. Sunday is the next time I will weigh in.

Back in January when I was on the scales, I was 89.5 kilograms.

Which, being honest with you all, is on the higher end of where my weight normally fluctuates between.

I don't really have a goal weight in mind.

I want to be happy and healthy.


{But still cross your fingers for me for Sunday!}

Monday, February 14, 2011