Monday, May 23, 2011


I don't usually take compliments too well. Ask anyone, I won't ever admit to being beautiful. I will usually say it is the dress, or something.

Never me.

The other day I was rushed to leave for work. I had on a long tee but quickly swapped to a shorter tee. Yes, I ended up wearing leggings as pants. Oh the shame.

Anyway. So I had my black leggings, my black bow shoes, my light pink singlet top with pink-pink cap sleeved top.

Looked okay, but still. Leggings are not pants. I do know this and even mentioned it to the girls at work. Apparently it didn't look that bad.

Later on in the afternoon I was sitting talking with one of the little girls in the two-three room.

She said she liked my shoes. I, of course, said thankyou with a smile.

Then she said she liked my top. Again, I said thankyou.

Personally, I think that she just liked my top because it was pink.

Wait til she sees these babies!

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