Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pretty: Different Lenses

So, I posted the other day about feeling pretty. It was something I posted to via and had a little editing via the "nashville" lense.

But I just wanted to show you all, that even without the lense, I still felt totally pretty!



Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cuddles and Blowing Raspberries

Today, I received the bestest cuddles from a less than one year old.

Totally made me grin, blush and laugh out loud.

I was getting the sweetest cuddles. You know the ones, where their little bodies just fit into yours. Totally made me want a bubba of my own.

Then he blew a raspberry on my neck. Slobber and all.

I laughed loudly. Squealed a little. And had the biggest smile on my face.

And he didn't stop at one either. Kept on going. Laughing to himself after he did each one.

Made my day!


Monday, March 28, 2011

My First Day

Oh em gee!

I had the best day.

All the staff kept asking how my first day was.

The staff in the 0-2 room are super nice!

I am in awe of my director.

I love that I have a voice, and an opinion that is valued and listened to!

After my first day, I can see myself in this role for years.



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Feeling Pretty

I don't have a lot of pretty moments.

I have moments where I think I look okay.

I never refer to myself as beautiful or pretty.

I still blush big time, when someone does call me pretty or beautiful.

I will feel sexy, but I don't classify myself as a sexy person.

Today, I think I looked pretty.

ps. I had such a lovely time with Aly and her friends. Cannot wait for the wedding.
pps. Carly [pantz] was my favourite! <3 Not only does she have the best name but had my cheeks hurting from laughing so hard!

My Happy Moments

A quick stop in before I finish off Aly's present. Fingers crossed I can find everything I need here.


My Happy Moments:
Catching up with Jess <3 Who I never see very often due to distance but who I love to sit and chat with. Must catch up again. Soon. And for longer!
Having dinner with Simone and laughing about all our memories from TAFE <3
Drinking a yummy fruit tingle!
Laughing so hard at dinner.
Seeing the cutest bubba while at dinner and talking across tables with his parents!
Getting my dream job!
Having a light bulb moment...

Do you have any to share?

Why not link up at We Heart Life too!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Weekend

I may be a little out of it when I return on Sunday night.

I'm writing this on Friday night because there is no way that I will be awake before six just to write this baby.

Saturday I am at University all day. When I say all day, I mean I will be up at 6.30am to catch three trains to University [to get there by 9am and I will only just arrive just in time]. Then I have my catch up with my friend and go through an assignment with her [for another unit that I completed last year]; try and say hello to a new twitter friend [@bodykiss]; have lunch with a gorgeous friend who lives on campus and I very rarely get to see and miss a lot! Before doing my oral report and handing in the review to go with it. Then at 3.30pm I get to head home. God knows how long that will take.

Around 7pm on Saturday night I am meeting up with my friend from home and her hubby to be for dinner. I will be dragging the boyfriend along, if I have to.

I will then sleep, for hopefully at least ten or so hours. Before waking and getting all pretty for Aly's Bridal Shower. [Crap, just remembered I have to wrap her present! Eeek! I hope I get to get something from somewhere tomorrow, being Saturday!] I must remember to have a pretty, yet smart looking photograph taken of myself while there.

I will then head home. Lay out my clothes for my first official work day. Get my little introduction poster done. Then go to sleep.


Have a lovely weekend! I will be busy, but you know me; nothing will keep me away from twitter!


Friday, March 25, 2011

To The City

It has been decided. A move to the city.

It is a choice that I have made. Which will mean a huge change.

But one that I am totally looking forward to.

I have decided that this year I will no longer be left wondering the what ifs. Rather I will be out there, living everything and taking every opportunity.

Whether he wants to or not.

Any suggestions of suburbs?


Change and Choice

[image credit]

That's what life comes down to.

You make a choice and then the change happens.

Whether it is a choice for the better or worse, only time will tell.

But, no regrets.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Apple Love

I am desperately wanting an iPad.

Yes, I realise that we are saving but now that I have a full time job, with a great income, we will have a little extra money each month to play with. Bonus right?

So I think that we could get an iPad. Or two.

I love apple. I think I have even converted the boyfriend too. Who now is wanting a MacBook Pro.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Heart Shopping

I am a fan of shopping.

Totally not a secret.

Ask me what I want to do, especially when I have a nice little bank balance, and shopping is up the top. Actually it is always up the top!

So today when I went shopping I purchased:

A cute ring.
A mirror.
A pair of sunnies.
A trench coat [layby-ed].
Three shirts for the boyfriend.
A present for Aly [which I cannot say because she could read this and I want it to be a surprise. She might blog about it].

And I totally could have continued to spend, but stopped.

I am a good girl.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It Just Fell Into Place



Promise you if you haven't heard me squealing then you mustn't be in Australia. That or I am just not squealing loud enough!

Today I was officially offered one of my dream positions.

I was offered the Early Childhood Teacher position in the birth to two year olds room.


I'm just too excited.

The interview went for over an hour and I left feeling like I was at home there in the centre.

Pity that the people you expect to be the happiest for you, aren't. But thank you to those on facebook and twitter for all your love. Totally made me smile xx


Monday, March 21, 2011

Wish Me Luck

[image credit]

Today is the all important interview.

If you can cross all your fingers and toes, and if you have children tell them to do the same, because I would seriously love this position!

Thank you in advance.


ps. I have been wishing on all 11:11 that I see.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Moments

I almost wasn't going to write my happy moments for this week, I didn't think I really had anything great to share. Then I remembered:

Having an awesome hair cut.
Getting an interview for one of my dream positions.
Buying ten new children's books.
Receiving an unexpected phonecall that made me smile.
Listening to the rain fall.

Do you have any happy moments to share?

This is a part of We Heart Life's Happy Moments which happen every Sunday.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Angus & Robertson

I love books. Totally is not a secret.

So when we walked past Angus & Robertson today in our nearest Westfield, and saw the signs "50% OFF STOREWIDE" I just had to go in.

Oh boy, did I go in.

I started looking at the tables at the front, didn't really see anything that jumped out at me too much so I headed straight for the children's section. I was so in awe of the drop in price that I didn't even bother to buy myself a book!

Here is my little haul:

A lot of these are books I have needed or wanted for a while, but couldn't part with the money. I even bought an extra copy of "Diary of a Wombat" in hardcover, even though I have it as a board book.

Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French
Baby Wombat's Week by Jackie French
Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
Rosie's Walk by Pat Hutchins
The Great Paper Caper by Oliver Jeffers
The Heart and the Bottle by Oliver Jeffers
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes by Mem Fox & Helen Oxenbury
How High can a Kangaroo Hop? by Jackie French
Wombat Goes Walkabout by Michael Morpurgo & Christian Birmingham

While a lot of these are authors I have known and loved for years, a new author that I definitely recommend is Oliver Jeffers. Not only are the illustrations magical, but the words are magnificent and it is truly an amazing piece of literature. I will be writing up on Early Childhood Resources all about "The Heart and the Bottle" in April.

So that was $95.45 for all those books.

I'm quite proud of my little haul and I know I would have bought more if the shelves weren't so bare already!


I Made A Mistake

I said something. I overstepped. I became annoying. I am sorry.

Wasn't my intention.

Now it is fucked.


Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I Love Twitter

It is certainly no secret that I love twitter. It is somewhere where I am most days.

Yesterday was no different. I had some big things happen yesterday!

Not only did I have a hair cut and received some very lovely compliments. All of which made me get the biggest smile on my face! So thank you!

Then I received a phone call just before lunch time. Telling me that I have an interview for one of my dream positions! [More will be written about that over here].

So I asked everyone to cross their fingers and toes for me! If you could too I'd totally appreciate it.

But this is the reason why I love twitter:

A huge thank you to all you who @ replied me wishing me luck; crossing your toes; and woot wooing at my picture. You totally made my day!

ps. Wondering who to follow? Follow all of the tweeps I follow, you will not be disappointed!
pps. This was written at around 8pm last night, so sorry if I anyone else gave me a compliment after this time and wasn't included. I totally appreciated it though!
ppps. To nomie - who said "gorgeous x" on thankyou xx


Thursday, March 17, 2011

She Went With...

The side fringe!

How Katie does it:
How I do it:


Thoughts? <3

Good Things/Better Things

11am Hair Appointment

I made a call at about six thirty yesterday afternoon for a hair appointment. I am in desperate need of a hair cut, and if these knots are anything to go by it would be at least eight or so months since I had a cut.

Scary, but true.

I'm undecided if I want a side fringe a la Katie Holmes or a Emma Stone blunt fringe. I will decide at the hair dressers. Now, lets take a step down memory lane.


Okay, glad we got that over with.

Gosh I take a lot of photographs of myself.

Anyway, I prefer my hair dark. I know that, even though it is naturally red. I love waves in my hair, but also love that it will go dead straight if I brush it. I do not suit my attempt at blonde. No, no, no.

ps. That was as blonde as I got after two bleaches.
pps. I will never dye my hair black again. It has never left my hair since 2005.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real Men Wear Pink?

Are You A Funny Person?

I don't think that I am.

At times, I say the right thing at the right time. Though, those times are few and far between.

I suck at telling jokes, because I am generally too busy laughing my head off at the punchline, that hasn't even been told yet, but I totally know what it is.

I can be sarcastic though, but at times that isn't funny sarcasm, rather just plain and ordinary sarcasm. Some people do funny sarcasm, not me.

I love to laugh though. I laugh a lot too.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I Am Wearing

Shirt: Jay Jays
Tank: Target
Shorts: Supre
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Necklace: Equip
Ring: Occasions Jewellers

It's sad when your ring costs more than the entire outfit.



I'm a little curious about you lot. Yes, you. That person on the other side of the computer.

How old are you?
Have you traveled?
Do you have dreams/aspirations?
What does love mean to you?


Yes, this is one of those posts where I want the lurkers to unlurk themselves. Pretty please?

Monday, March 14, 2011


Rewind Please?

I want to go back. A month.

Actually a little more than a month.

Something that shouldn't be affecting me, is.

Something that I am told to forget, is there in my mind.

Something that wasn't done, is left frustrating me.

I bring it up, I get dismissed.

I just want to go back.

I need to go back.


Can I Have A Hug?

We were in the middle of a game, then a little boy jumped up and walked over to me and whispered,

Can I have a hug?

Of course you can! And I opened up my arms and gave him a quick little cuddle.

Almost made me cry, it was that sweet.

Then all of the other children jumped up and ran over.

Me too?

I am most certainly a Kindergarten teacher!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Happy Moments

I have been trying to write this, who knew that finding some happy moments would be so hard.

In a week where everything is collapsing one brick at a time. I will look to the positives.

I received some of the warmest and squishiest hugs from the children in the Kindergarten class from this year and last.
I have managed to stay on top of one of my two units, we just wont discuss the other one.
I felt beautiful one morning.

Just sharing my Happy Moments every Sunday with We Heart Life.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekend Intentions

So Ali over at Chocolate & Bubbles writes up her weekend intentions every Friday and I am beginning to think that I should too!

This weekend I hope to:

1. Listen to all EDUC386 lectures to this point and do each of the weekly readings.
2. Do the online quiz for EDUC386.
3. Read my article for EDUC386 on campus.
4. Empty the washing basket.
5. Begin to look for a picture book for ECH413.

A very university based weekend, joy.

The boyfriend has to work this weekend, so I might as well put the time with no car to good use, right?


It's A Comfort Thing

Lately, I have noticed that as I am falling asleep, I tuck my thumbs in.

I am assuming it is a comfort thing.

I am known to twirl my hair around my finger as I fall asleep. When I was younger, my mum said that she used to have to unwind my hair otherwise I probably would have cut off the circulation during the night.

Do you or your children have a comfort thing?


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boobs, Who Needs Them?

Sometimes I love my boobs. Othertimes, like today, I hate them.

I found this gorgeous dress from Jeanswest. No, that price marking of $4.99 is correct.

Bargain, right?

Anyway, so I went into my nearest store today while shopping to see if they had any size fourteen in stock.

There was a size eight and you guessed it, a size fourteen. The only two left.

I quickly grabbed it, thinking I had just found the prettiest of dresses.

I slip it over my head instantly, then realise there is a zipper on the side.

I attempt to zip it up with only failure.

I slip it back off, rezip it up before repulling over my head.

So far, so good.

That is until the dress reaches my boobs.

Ugh. No amount of flattening or squishing is helping. I almost cannot breathe.

I unzip the zipper.

I am almost positive you would have all been able to hear me swearing as I put that five dollar dress, back on the rack.

I Tap My Heels Together

When the clock hits 11:11, I make a wish.

When a butterfly flies past me, I stop and watch. Unless it has scared me, in which case I am usually behind a locked door when I realise it was just a butterfly. [It is weird that I just thought of Bart Simpson's "Nobody ever suspects the butterfly." line.]

When I walk past a clover field, I try and spot a four-leafer.

When I get a little idea in my head, I listen.

When I am told I am beautiful, the butterflies are in my tummy.

When I get a cuddle, I smile and hold back the tears.

When a tear rolls down my face, I stop and try and remember which eye it came from first so I know if it is a happy tear or a sad tear.

When I get a text message, my heart beats faster.

When I hear a particular song, I must dance.

When I am in my black tank and lacy undies, I feel sexy.

When I am happy, I laugh.

When I wear my sparkly shoes, I tap my heels together three times, like Dorothy.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If I Could...

If I could go shopping right now, which believe me I am contemplating, I would buy:

Black ballet flats
A pair of jeans [if you have tips to share please do]
A check print top
Cap sleeve tops that are pretty enough for everyday wear and able to wear to work
A trench coat [I did find a gorgeous one in Portmans but it isn't online]
A pretty dress [loving the "Powder Vertical Frill Dress" from Portmans]
A pair of grey pants
A denim skirt
A new wallet

Is there anything that you're itching to buy at the moment?


Who Are You?

What makes you who you are?

What do you think defines you as a person?


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh Em Gee.

I cannot believe what a great day that I had today.

Life has been sure throwing me some spanners lately, but today was a really, really great day.

I was in the classroom that I had spent a lot of time in last year.

I spoke with my mentor from last year, and just had chats. I honestly feel so lucky to have had her as my mentor.

I had a really great day with Kindergarten and honestly can say that I know that I am meant to be a teacher.

Did you have a good day?


Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Happy Moments

Today, my happy moments are over on We Heart Life.

Be sure to pop over and share your own too!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Need To Forget

I know that life isn't all roses and fairytales.

Believe me, I know.

But I just want to know when it will get better, again.

Everything was so good, and I mean really good.

I felt like I was finally getting to a good place, after everything.

Then I am back to square one after being ripped apart. Even now, it is still happening to me.

I just want to forget. I just want it to disappear again.

Not for it to be in my subconscious so that it can attack me in my sleep. But gone.

Right now, I have no idea how to get back to that place, where everything was good.

The Urge

{image credit}
Lately, as in the last week or so, I have had the biggest want to travel hit me.

I could go anywhere. I just feel that I should travel.

Paris is very much on my to do list and was going to get done this year, but was put on the backburner.

Now, after watching one too many 'The City' episodes, I would love to go to New York. The only problem is that I don't think I would have enough money to spend there. Oh boy, would I want to spend.

So, at the moment I have the urge to travel, of course in July once I finish the degree.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Brrr, Is It Cold?

{image credit}
I love that it is Autumn and will finally be Winter soon!

What The Next Six Months Mean:
♥ Assignments!
♥ Beanies!
♥ Boots!
♥ Coats!
♥ Exams!
♥ Gravy!
♥ Jackets!
♥ My birthday!
♥ Rainy days in bed!
♥ Scarves!
♥ Snuggles!
♥ Soups!
♥ Super hot showers!
♥ The end of University!
♥ Travel plans!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Heart Ice Cream

Ice cream would have to be my favourite dish. It is the best.

Be it vanilla with sprinkles.

Or cookies and cream.

Or even hokey pokey.

Say those little words, "ice cream" and I am there. Instantly.

I am going to admit right now, never tried Ben & Jerry's. I am told that I should. I will eventually, just show me where one is and I will go!

Baskin 'n' Robbins is my favourite here.

But back at home, I loved the ice cream from the shop I used to work at. The Natural Waffle Ice Cream Parlour.

I loved working there. The freebies. The deliciousness. It was always important to taste test. Always.

Anyway, the other night we did a food shop. Over two hundred dollars later, we left with ice cream and ice magic.

Just quietly. If you have not had vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and ice magic. I am telling you now, go and try it.

I am, once the damn bowls finish in the dishwasher!

What I Am Wearing

Top: Supre
Skirt: City Chic
Shoes: Betts
Necklace: Equip
Ring: Occasions Jewelers

ps. this was what I wore to the blog meet.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fifty Two Million Is All Mine

I love to dream. While 52 is an awful lot, I certainly would not be complaining.

What on Earth am I talking about? Well, it is the newest challenge from Blog This. Which I must remember to join again.

Before I go into how I would spend this money, there were a few questions that were asked.

If I found out I won, I dare say I would do the "typical" girly thing and scream, jump up and down, dance around in circles, before screaming again. I would then call my mum and the boyfriend, if they weren't already with me.

Now, I am not sure if I would want news crews showing up and wanting to get an interview with me. I think I would rather go with the anonymous route. You know, just in case some "friends" decide to rob me, or something.

I would use it for a lot of things. 52 million is not a small amount of money. It is huge. I could be set for life, as well as give away a lot.

Which brings me to my little break down.

Having debt would be a thing of the past for us and my family and the boyfriend's family.

I would then buy us a block of land and build and furnish a home. I would also buy two holiday houses, one for us {maybe in Melbourne} and one for my family. I would buy the boyfriend's mum a house wherever she wanted it.

I would buy a snazzy little car for myself. And whatever type the boyfriend wanted. Brand spanking new.

I would get myself an entire new wardrobe filled will exxy labels. I would do the same for my family and the boyfriend.

I would get myself a kitten and the boyfriend a puppy.

I would fill a bookcase full of children's books.

I would save a lot of it for super.

I would buy an iMac.

Okay, so roughly I would have spent about seven million. Hey! I can go all out and still have plenty to spare!
I would give five million to five different charities.

Okay, twenty-five million left.

Ooh, I would build my own child care centre and fully equip it.

That'd cost at least fifteen million.

And with the spare ten million, I would take a world trip. Which I could take as long as I wanted to complete.

How would you spend 52 million?


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate, Bunny Ears and Bloggers

I Am Waiting For A Train
On Saturday afternoon I made the trip into the city for the blog meet. It started off as a disaster, I was on a train with no air-conditioning. Just horrible.

I soon arrived at the Lindt Cafe in Darling Harbour. And stood. Waiting. Thinking that I was incredibly early.

Then Victoria arrived, and she instantly recognised me. Well, that's how it seemed! Then Corrine showed up and we were all chatting away. Instantly I knew that tonight would be a fantastic time!

Danielle, Dani and Violet [who is the cutest four month old!] arrived and went inside to see where our table was while Corrine, Victoria and me kept talking.

Me and Corrine
We then found out that the big, long table was ours and there were already three lovely ladies sitting there. Liz, Leigh and Laura.

Eventually others arrived, and we continued to chat away. I got to say a big hello to The Sydney Girl who is just as amazing as she is on twitter, as she is in real life.

The Sydney Girl and ColourDujour

Tony asked if we wanted anything. As I read over the menu and saw one thing stick out. Cookie and Cream icecream.


Even now, as I think about the deliciousness of that icecream, my mouth is salivating!

Corrine with a coconutty, chocolately drink. Oh look! There's Danimezza in the background!
I love babies and I managed to get cuddles with the cutest baby on the blogging block! Violet, Dani's gorgeous little four month old. Oh boy, did I get clucky.

Then came out the macaroons, cake and chocolate platters. Oh my. Talk about sugar overload. And they just kept coming throughout the night!

The green macaroons were my favourite, pistachio.

Tony then came around again, to see if there was anything else we felt like. I may have devoured another bowl of Cookies and Cream icecream, it was that good!

The talk flowed about blogging. The where, the why, the how.

Lisa talking with Dani. Oh look! Caitlin is in the background!
Then I asked Caitlin if she had twitter. I think I almost died when she said no! I'm pleased to see that she now has a little twitter widget on her site ;)

Business cards were exchanged, and just quietly, if you are going to the Aussie Bloggers Conference, you must get Liz's card. It is the cutest card I have ever seen, and provided me with amusement for a good fifteen minutes after I was handed it.

[mental note: I must make some cards.]

Group photographs were taken. Check out this amazing image, taken using Danielle's camera of course.

Want to know who is who? Well, Danielle has already written down everyone! Pop on over and have a looksee!

But before you go, can you guess which one is me?

Anywho, it was a fantastic night, even if my new shoes gave me a blister. Oh, and Danielle's the fireworks were ah-mah-zing! Thanks for organising that! *winks*

Oh and *ahem* I would like to thank Lindt, Nuffnang, Danielle and Dani for the goodies. Unfortunately, the boyfriend devoured my macaroons, most of my Lindt balls. Thankfully I saved the bunny!

[all my images are edited on instagram]


Yes, It Is True.

I only own one handbag.

The other day while I was getting ready for the blog meet. I picked a floral print skirt and that would mean I couldn't take a bag, because *ahem* my bag is a pink floral print.

Not meshing too well with what I had chosen I just took my wallet and phone. You know. The essentials!

Sure I own canvas totes but none that really fit with what look I had going on.

I would love to go shopping and buy a tonne of handbags, but I just don't have the money too.

How many handbags do you own?

I will just wait here while you go and count.

What do you think is a good number and any particular styles I should look out for that I can team with everything?


ps. I do love this bag.