Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Cuts

I had my hair cut today.

I was sitting in front of this massive mirror. It was huge. Almost floor to ceiling. Gorgeous mirror though; however it was me looking back at me.

Something I am not too keen on.

I sat and tweeted away. Organising lunch with one of my friends.

That was when the guy came over. He picked the colour for my hair and was about to go before he asked what I had done to my roots.

"That's my natural hair colour" I explained.

Both are from Brazil, their jaws dropped and then began to ask why on Earth I would want to dye my hair.

Once the colour was in; I took a photograph. As you do.

Then it was rinsed. Must admit I didn't get a super-awesome head massage which kind of disappointed me a little bit.

Then the guy came back over. He cut my hair.

Said I wasn't a typical Leo. Somehow my birthday came up. I wasn't bossy, demanding or full of myself.

He said I was sweet and innocent.

Naw. Ha. He obviously knows nothing!

My hair was cut and I was out of there.

One hundred and seventy-five dollars later.

Must admit, my hair feels pretty amazing.

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