Monday, August 29, 2011


So Saturday afternoon I have a shower, climb back into bed and that is when it happens.

The aches and pains.

Then a temperature. Which means I am hot then freezing cold. All night long. I even hallucinated that I was one of the children from work and that my mum was coming to pick me up and that it'd be okay. Soon.


That probably was a sign to go to the hospital, maybe.

I threw up at midnight then again at around three. The second time was mainly water. As I was keeping my fluids up.

I had no energy Sunday. Slept most of the day.

Was scared to have a shower so Sass listened as I did via skype. No video!

So minor temps Sunday night with a dash of a sore throat.

Woke up Monday morning, oh that's today, unable to swallow.

I thought that it might be an idea to go to the doctors.

At the doctors she looked at my throat, felt my swollen glands, saw some disgusting icky stuff which I'd rather not name on my tonsils.

Glandular Fever or Tonsillitis, she thinks.

So I'm on penicillin until Thursday incase it is Tonsillitis so that way it gets better.

Had blood taken. Swabs swabbed.

Thursday 845am I find out the verdict.



Oh and I have a new blog, all about fashion. So you wont find anymore of my shopping or what I am wearing stuff on here. It will all be over there. On:

One Dress Too Many

[Perfect title dontcha think?!]

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