Friday, May 27, 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Tonight I leave on a plane at 5.55pm heading for Brisbane. Where I will get to meet the lovely Sass. Super excited.

I am sure that we will talk just as much as we do on skype.

I am a little worried that I finish work at 4.15pm. Takes me roughly fifteen minutes to walk to Central station. Then I have to jump on a train. Go to the terminals and board. Before 5.10pm.


I worked it out, that I should get to the airport at 4.50pm. So I figure that gives me twenty minutes to walk through security and all that crap.


And I have done web-check-in. Whatever that means? I called them and apparently I just walk right through and just board the plane.

So, cross your fingers and toes for a smooth trip there! Home I'm not so worried about..

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