Thursday, June 23, 2011

What Was The Best Thing About Your Day?

On twitter tonight Marita from Stuff With Thing asked, "What was the best thing about your day?"

For me it was one of the little boys at work. I will admit that he is definitely my favourite. I know, I shouldn't have favourites but he is and he knows it.

So today I was standing there talking to another staff member about my analytical summaries and he came crawling over at lightning speed and pulled himself up my pants before making his cute little noise telling me he wanted to be picked up.

The best bit is that he gives the best cuddles.

Oh and he is also the one who walked to me a few weeks ago!

So, what was the best thing about your day?

ps. I also published this on We Heart Life.

1 comment:

Marita said...

We always tell each other the best bits of our day at dinner. Helps to end our days on a positive note.

For me today, the best bit was watching Annie do PE, she conquered her fear of the weird trampoline and gave me a big smile after :)