Friday, May 6, 2011

Frogs, Yoga and Laughter

Thursday are generally quite busy days in our room. We are generally within ratio [of 1:4] and it is hectic, very rarely in our room do you have time to realise how quiet it is.

This morning I was sitting in the staff room before my shift started, and I answered the phone. It was the reptile man confirming that he was visiting today. He sounded cute, even my director can agree and confirm on this!

Anyway, I am known as "princess" in our room, due to my delicate nature. Hmm, yes. So they were on their merry way to set me up, lovely girls.

We are outside, it's just a little after ten in the morning [I have been at the centre for over two hours] and *ahem* I notice a hole in my pants! Directly where my undies sit. Thankfully I was not wearing anything lacy because, hello. Also, lucky that I had a tank top on too which covered it easily.

The day went okay and when the reptile man arrived, I immediately gestured to the girls in my room a very firm shake of the head.

When we went and saw the snake, lizard, frog, turtle and mouse it was fun. One of our children was extremely excited. Some of the staff ran away screaming when the snake was shown. Hehe. I of course, had a frog whacked on my palm while the child in my lap tried to squish it away, before the aforementioned reptile man decided to put it in my HAIR! I was squealing for it to be out of my hair and was a good few minutes before it was removed. Frogs do not feel nice.

The rest of the afternoon flew by as I had a chunk of programming time and my little shadow helped me with sticking photographs to the window before I decided that working thirty minutes over was enough and I wanted a bit of a break.

Well, that's just where it started. For the rest of the afternoon, and because we had a staff meeting the entire staff room was full, it was all about setting me up with someone that visits the centre. Delivery guys were mentioned. Even my type was examined.

I did mention that the guy that changes the fire extinguishers was cute, which meant that I needed a child to knock one of them off, so of course they need to be repaired.

By then I had consumed coke and chocolate and was a little more hyper than normal, my blogs name is very much true of my personality.

We laughed our way through yoga, and I was told that I was to have no more chocolate and that I was being watched.

The yoga for children was extremely fun and *ahem* I think that I may have been a little too loud and giggly at times. My director even mentioned separating a few of us. *ahem*

I love the group of people that I work with at this centre, it just feels so awesome.


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Surely Sarah @ Paper Reverie said...

Like I said on twitter, a frog in my hair is probably my worst nightmare. You poor, poor woman.
So glad you are loving your work though!