Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rubi vs Target Shoes

I own a pair of Rubi shoes and Target shoes. You know the ones that curl up and have elastic in them.

Well, the Target ones lost their elasticity in one shoe. Which was a big enough fail. So I cut the side of the other and therefore the elastic. At least that way the shoes friggen matched! Now they are kinda a little too big for my foots*.

So in steps where I purchased the two pairs from Rubi shoes. One pair is brown okay? I totally didn't buy two pairs in the same colour.

Now, I thought "Hurrah, perfect shoes! Everyone always raves about Rubi shoes!"

Um, yeah. Let's just say they fucking squish my toes. Well it's more the bows. They kinda push down on my toes.

So while I originally wore the Rubi shoes out this morning:

When I went out again the the afternoon, I swapped back to my old faithful Target shoes.

Happy feet equals a happy Carly.

ps. This post totally links back to what i wore today.

* Yes, I realise this is not how you plural your foot.

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