Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woah, What A Saturday

I woke up around eight in the morning and started to get ready.

I took a photograph of myself because my legs looked fucking amazing!

I then walked to central station, which is a thirty minute walk. Go me!

Jumped on my train and headed to Beverly Hills.

There I met up with two girls from university. We sat and chatted like we normally do. Catching up on everything.

Ate delicious food.

Before leaving nearly three hours after meeting and deciding that we must do it again.

Then I am almost at central when I check twitter. This was because I spent most of the train trip on the phone. Draining my battery.

And one of my lovely friends I went to high school with [and preschool] asked if I would like to go shopping even though I have a little ban in place.

Why of course I do!

While I tried on a pair of shoes. They didn't have my size so I didn't buy them. The nine fit fine but I did have stockings on..

Now that I relook back at them. I am thinking I really want them. *insert sad face here*

Then we were looking in a store, when we started discussing Harry Potter. Then instantly we both said we had no one to go with and that I simply must see it.

So we ended up finishing shopping. She ended up heading home to change. I charged my phone for a little while. Giving the battery back a little bit of power.

Saw Harry Potter. Loved it. I cried a little. You must see if it you saw the other movies!

Then as we were leaving we decided that we should go out.

So a quick change at home. More battery charging to 28% and we left for a Newtown pub.

I tried to convince a certain someone to come but he declined.

I quickly drank three drinks before my friend saw her ex and we left at midnight.

I came home and slept on my mattress because I put my sheets in the washing machine before I left for the lunch date. And they weren't dry!

Because I was completely awake, I tried calling a lot of people. Sorry about that.

Then I fell fast asleep after three toilet breaks!

Woke up at eight this morning before falling back asleep and waking up just before eleven.

That counts as a sleep in right?

Oh and I totally wrote up my happy moments for this week on We Heart Life. Go and read them. Please?


Amy said...

Fun Saturday!

Jade said...

Sounds like a great day to me!