Friday, July 15, 2011

I Think I Tweet Too Much

I was walking home tonight when all of a sudden my leg hit a step. My thong was left behind and I was wondering what the fuck had just happened.

I may have been scrolling through my tweets, you know to see what all the tweeters had been up to.

Stupid stairs. No idea why then even jut out onto the footpath.

Just plain stupid if you ask me!

So now I am left with this:


Bonus: My pants didn't rip. Hurrah!

Mental note to self: No tweeting and walking when it is dark outside!

1 comment:

Fuzzy Cert said...

Ouch! That looks bruised too! I got an awkward injury today too...
Our work jumpers have those stupid toggle things around the bottom of them... I had a dog grab the toggle then run with it until the elastic snapped back and the toggle hit me in the bum. Now my bum is bruised.
I am NOT sharing a photo of that!!