Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nothing Special

I woke up this morning just after five thirty in the morning, believe me it definitely was not planned since I don't wake up til after seven in the morning normally.

I was having a dream.

The dream started off in a bar/pub that I had been to before. In my dream of course. Which in itself is quite weird because I highly doubt it would ever exist.

So the pub is kind of like a complete circle but, and here is the wacky part where I may lose you all, to get to the other side of the pub you have to go out a door and walk down a jetty and get into a boat and cross the river.

Amazing, huh?

I have the awesome imagination.

So, I am at this pub with my friend. It is near where I live and she walks off that little bit faster then me, and being in heels I cannot keep up and lose sight of where she went.

I then bumped into four boys from work who I excitedly saw, and went to give cuddles to and they kind of brushed me off. Giving me weird looks.

This is where the alarm bells in my dream should of been telling me to wake the fuck up.

Anyway, so I leave them and go off in search of finding my friend.

Walk out the door and down the jetty, towards the boat.

As I am walking down there is a boy in front of me that I noticed. Then two run past me.

Then a comment, I cannot specifically remember why it was said but it was said:

"You're nothing special."

I think it was because I smiled at the boy.

Anyway so the boat ride was extremely awkward.

And that's when I woke up.

What the fuck does it mean?

Couldn't tell you. If anyone dabbles in dream reading, feel free to explain.

As for the awesome memory, well it is because I woke up during the dream and I texted a boy about my dream.

Smart huh?

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