Sunday, July 31, 2011


I felt so pretty today.

Take a look.

I did a photo shoot with my friend and had a ball.

Before we did the shoot I went to Napoleon Perdis and had my makeup done.

Loved every minute.

*side note: Have I ever told you all that if I hadn't of gotten into the Diploma of Children's Services back in 2006, I would have done my Diploma through NP?

I then spend just under five hundred dollars on makeup.

How on Earth did I do that?!

I am quite okay with that. I think that is more scary. That I didn't flinch once when she said the cost, just handed over my card like it was play money.

*side note: One might say I failed at my no-spend-July, me however would tell you that makeup doesn't count. Heheh.

Anyway, I had a ball. Laughed like crazy.

Cannot wait to the photographs, because seriously, she is an amazing photographer.

And don't worry, you will see them all too. *winks*

Friday, July 29, 2011

Hair Cuts

I had my hair cut today.

I was sitting in front of this massive mirror. It was huge. Almost floor to ceiling. Gorgeous mirror though; however it was me looking back at me.

Something I am not too keen on.

I sat and tweeted away. Organising lunch with one of my friends.

That was when the guy came over. He picked the colour for my hair and was about to go before he asked what I had done to my roots.

"That's my natural hair colour" I explained.

Both are from Brazil, their jaws dropped and then began to ask why on Earth I would want to dye my hair.

Once the colour was in; I took a photograph. As you do.

Then it was rinsed. Must admit I didn't get a super-awesome head massage which kind of disappointed me a little bit.

Then the guy came back over. He cut my hair.

Said I wasn't a typical Leo. Somehow my birthday came up. I wasn't bossy, demanding or full of myself.

He said I was sweet and innocent.

Naw. Ha. He obviously knows nothing!

My hair was cut and I was out of there.

One hundred and seventy-five dollars later.

Must admit, my hair feels pretty amazing.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

I've Been Thinking

Whenever I start a post with those lines you know it cannot be good!

I think for my birthday, which is Saturday coming! I want to go to Taronga zoo.

I am thinking of asking a guy if he would like to go with me. Hopefully he says yes.

I also think that I need to do some shopping. I know, I am not meant to be shopping but it's my birthday so that should be like a free pass or something. Right?

And I think heading to San Churro's for a chocolate hit or out to dinner would be nice too.

After all I do have the Friday off too.

Why not make it a three-day celebration.

You only turn twenty-four once.


ps. I think too much..

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Can You Imagine?!

So I just completed my tax return for twenty-eleven and my gawd it is awesome.

Three thousand, nine hundred in awesomeness to be exact.

Did you know that is just nine hundred more than what I spent in three months?! Hence the "no-spend-July". Which I must say is going well.

Thank gawd I didn't do my tax return earlier!

So I can buy my camera guilt-free, it is my birthday present after all.

And I can even do a little shopping.

Maybe a lot?

Hmm, maybe I should be smart and put some towards my interest free cards; my credit card and save a little.



Yesterday afternoon was the end of a very hectic day.

When you spend all day inside with twelve under two year olds it gets like that.

But it was an okay day. Nothing too extreme happened.

That was until I went to heat up one of the little ones dinner.

When I came back and put it down on the table for another staff member to feed because I had finished my shift. I look around to see where my favourite little one is at for a goodbye cuddle.

That's when I notice he isn't in the room.

Where is he?

In that instance I notice him in the three to five year olds room, eating wish stones. Getting them into his mouth as quickly as possible.

I run over. Yes, I ran. And instantly pull the two that are in his mouth out. And pick him up bringing the container with me.

He starts coughing. I panic.

I actually had to ask what should I do.

That worries me.

I am usually quite calm in those sort of situations. I go through the motions.

I didn't even panic that much when my ex sort of electrocuted himself.

The bub is fine, but I kept him with me until his dad arrived as I was quite annoyed and wanted to make sure he was okay.

I guess we will find out on Wednesday if he did swallow any.

Can only imagine how I will be when I have children of my own.

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am.

It is my birthday next Saturday!

Are you as excited as me?!

I am thinking of buying myself a new camera. I have wanted a DSLR for a while but realistically I am no photographer so am thinking of a point and shoot camera but a pretty spectacular one.

I love the brand Olympus so when I went through and found the XZ-1 I fell in love.

Anyone own one? Know anyone that does?

I have searched for it online and have found it here for $375 and here for $390.. Not much price difference but the only thing is I have never purchased something so big and expensive from one of these stores. Have you?

Next on the agenda, does anyone want to spend my birthday with me?

Kinda thinking of asking someone but not sure they'll say yes. I guess I can only ask.

Wish me luck!

Have a lovely weekend, I plan on doing sweet fuck all!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grey Mood

Well, today was brilliant.

I had my pink gumboots on and was splashing in all the puddles.

Made mud pies with the children.

Then it just hit. That down. Haven't had one like this for a while.

At lunch I could feel my mood shifting.

Then as soon as I left it was all over.

No idea why, okay I do have a slight idea, it has probably a lot to do with stress, boys and my inability to shop.

So tonight as I walked home and no one answered their phone the tears were there.

Thankfully the rain hid them.

Now I have to go because I just realised that I have some work to do tonight! That I may have not done the last two nights because I simply forgot.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Woah, What A Saturday

I woke up around eight in the morning and started to get ready.

I took a photograph of myself because my legs looked fucking amazing!

I then walked to central station, which is a thirty minute walk. Go me!

Jumped on my train and headed to Beverly Hills.

There I met up with two girls from university. We sat and chatted like we normally do. Catching up on everything.

Ate delicious food.

Before leaving nearly three hours after meeting and deciding that we must do it again.

Then I am almost at central when I check twitter. This was because I spent most of the train trip on the phone. Draining my battery.

And one of my lovely friends I went to high school with [and preschool] asked if I would like to go shopping even though I have a little ban in place.

Why of course I do!

While I tried on a pair of shoes. They didn't have my size so I didn't buy them. The nine fit fine but I did have stockings on..

Now that I relook back at them. I am thinking I really want them. *insert sad face here*

Then we were looking in a store, when we started discussing Harry Potter. Then instantly we both said we had no one to go with and that I simply must see it.

So we ended up finishing shopping. She ended up heading home to change. I charged my phone for a little while. Giving the battery back a little bit of power.

Saw Harry Potter. Loved it. I cried a little. You must see if it you saw the other movies!

Then as we were leaving we decided that we should go out.

So a quick change at home. More battery charging to 28% and we left for a Newtown pub.

I tried to convince a certain someone to come but he declined.

I quickly drank three drinks before my friend saw her ex and we left at midnight.

I came home and slept on my mattress because I put my sheets in the washing machine before I left for the lunch date. And they weren't dry!

Because I was completely awake, I tried calling a lot of people. Sorry about that.

Then I fell fast asleep after three toilet breaks!

Woke up at eight this morning before falling back asleep and waking up just before eleven.

That counts as a sleep in right?

Oh and I totally wrote up my happy moments for this week on We Heart Life. Go and read them. Please?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Compare The Two

Okay, so I don't own a set of scales.

I probably should but I don't. Actually maybe I shouldn't.


Imagine the weight I could drop if I actually cooked in my own house rather than buying takeaway!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I Think I Tweet Too Much

I was walking home tonight when all of a sudden my leg hit a step. My thong was left behind and I was wondering what the fuck had just happened.

I may have been scrolling through my tweets, you know to see what all the tweeters had been up to.

Stupid stairs. No idea why then even jut out onto the footpath.

Just plain stupid if you ask me!

So now I am left with this:


Bonus: My pants didn't rip. Hurrah!

Mental note to self: No tweeting and walking when it is dark outside!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Exactly 50 out of 100.

That was what I received for that unit.

You know the unit. It's the one I didn't study for.

The one where I completed the 40% assignment in five hours, including research.

The one where I left university five hours early and because I was so excited about getting my iPad2 sprained my ankle and hurt my tailbone after falling down the stairs.

Well, I passed it.


So you all know what that means?

I graduate in September.

Now I would love to invite you all along but the only problem is, I only get three seats.

Blame the university for your missing invite, but I get it, you'll be there in tweet-spirit.


Monday, July 11, 2011


So, as usual I'm on skype with Sass. She shows me her jumper.

Zips it up.

And I take a screen shot or two.

I was actually going to make a little animation, but stopped myself.

Sass after all taught me how to screen shot on the Mac *winks*

Guess What?!

I am onto my final six monthly pap test.

Yes, three out of four over the last year and a half have been clear. Clear, clear, clear.

Nothing. No abnormalities to be seen.

One more to clear before I can go to yearly pap smears.

You'd all even be super proud of me.

I went to a male doctor for the most recent as my doctor doesn't work on Sunday.

But I will probably make sure I book VERY far in advance next time.

January is the next one.


Mixed Feelings

University is officially coming to an end.

Midnight tonight, if I can stay awake that long or even be bothered to stay away that late.. My university results go live.

I don't think I have ever stayed up to get, except of course in my first year. And then when I couldn't get on for an hour I never did it again.

I will be up at around six in the morning, so I will just check then.

I am nervous. I am excited. I am stressed.

I am definitely in that state of "what-if-I-didn't-pass?" combined with "oh-my-fucking-god-I-have-almost-finished-studying!" with a "I-have-more-expectations-on-me-now!"

It's fun I tell you.

So, cross those fingers and toes, 'cause we all know I didn't study for that exam..

*looks away*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Oh My Fucking Gawd

I was opening the door to run the garbage out to the bins. When my toe starts tingling.


I let out a small ouch. I didn't even swear.

It ripped some of the skin up. Phew. No blood.

I hobble over and lay down on the bed for a while. I figure the garbage can wait until the pain stops.

"Muuuuuuuuuuuuum, I hurt my toe!" I sob into the phone. Pretend sobs of course just to add to how much it hurt!

Mum laughs. Hmm appears I drew the short straw in sympathy today.

I am talking to mum, explaining:

I opened the door to take the garbage out. When my second little toe got smashed by the door. It tore up my skin, must of just been a layer of dead skin or something 'cause there is no blood. But then I was looking at my toe and I realised THAT HALF MY TOE NAIL HAS LIFTED!

Cue laughter from my mum.

She tells me through her hysterics to get a bandaid. I decline.

Then says to bathe it in salty water. I liken this to torture.

Eventually I hang up the phone.

I am getting cold and need to put my stockings on.

Twenty minutes later I am freezing so I delicately pull the stockings on.

Fuck my toe is sore and I doubt the weather is helping.

Watch your toes as you open doors!


Sunday, July 3, 2011

What I Am Wearing

Cardi: Portmans
Dress: Portmans
Shoes: Rubi
Necklace: Forever New
Ring: Occasions