Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Bad

So, I wandered through the shopping centre this afternoon after I had eaten my delicious dinner.

I had full intentions to buy myself a new handbag from Collete and then stumbled upon Cotton On Body.

Hmm, I thought and stepped inside for just a moment.


Who am I trying to kid?

I was in there for a decent thirty minutes, at least.

Ten undies, three tees and two shorts later I walked out.

$130 I had spent.

Immediately I had buyers remorse. I don't think it matters how damn cute those undies or shorts are [even if one of them does have cute owls on them] I probably shouldn't have spent that much.

I should never be allowed money in my bank account.



Jade said...

I am so the same.
If I have £10 in my pocket, it's gone in five minutes.

Brittonie W said...

So many many times I have wanted to do this! But alas, I have restrained myself.

.... Now I want to go on a shopping spree. Sigh.