Monday, April 4, 2011

On The Hunt


I need a new pair of ballet flats.

As in desperate need. A black pair.

Every pair that I try on just do not fit. Personally I am convinced that I am an 8.25 but that size doesn't exist.

I also am wanting to find a gym.

Cheap preferably. Close to central would be nice.

While I figure at the moment I walk around 40 minutes a day, at the slowest pace. I kinda want a little more.

Maybe I should just look for a place that has access to a gym. *winks*

Any suggestions?



Brittonie W said...

Have a try at Rubi shoes. I had a lot of trouble finding any pair of shoes that fit, due to my size 11 or 42 shoe size. But every pair I have bought have fit perfectly.

As for Gym's, I use Virgin Active in Pitt st. It is cheap enough for me 55$ a week with everything included, that is the closest one I know to Central.

Amy said...

Pretty shoes! :)

No advice for a cheap gym- the only gym that's ever worked for me was hideously expensive, but had free makeup/hair products in the bathroom, and the staff would bring you cold towels while you worked out- bliss!