Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Official!

So after a horrible day where I was drenched not once, but twice when I was trying to view three places. I applied for all three and hoped for the best.

When I first decided I wanted to move to the city, it is for work and just because maybe I should do something for me while I am young. I didn't expect to be moving alone but I am.

So I officially get to move in on the 30th of April. Incredibly lucky to have found something super quick.

I cannot wait to make the little studio apartment mine. Put my little stamp on it. Make it a home.

Super excited!


ps. Once I move in I will share pictures for you all!


Tina ~ tina gray dot me said...

So glad you found something so quickly, Carly :) Can't wait to see photos of your new home xx

Sass said...

Yay!!! I'm so excited for you gorgeous! xo

nell said...

That is so exciting!!! and good on you for making your own way!!! Which suburb are you moving too? house shopping can be kinda exciting too!!

Melinda Stella said...

Good on you! Have fun decorating your apartment - I have a fiance and a toddler but I secretly dream of what my apartment would look like if I lived alone! :P

stink-bomb said...


can't wait to see pics!!