Friday, April 22, 2011


I haven't laughed in a while. I have had giggles, but not full on laughter.

Yesterday afternoon, I was getting dinner and it hit me, it was the long weekend and I have nothing planned [besides university assignments, which I grabbed work from work to do in order to *ahem* procrastinate with] so I figured a trip to the liquor store was a super idea.

Ahh, but then the problem arose. I walked in only to see those little cruisers were two for twentysix. I knew that I saved about six dollars if I bought the two. Dilemma. How drunk did I want to get?

So of course I posed the question on twitter and and received yeses. So it was done. Picked up two of my electric pink cruisers and wandered to the massive line up.

On the way home, my phone started ringing. It was my friend Jess from home [not the one who's house I am staying at]. Immediately we started talking like we used to every morning before heading off to high school.

She had me in stitches over her dilemma. Which I can't say too much about, never know who reads this.

Like full on laughter. To the point where I was sure I would burst.

Provided me with entertainment for the entire night.

However, I only drank two bottles. Which as some of you would know, peps me up to the point where I overshare, I talk far too much [yes, more than normal] and probably said one or two things I shouldn't have.

Really should learn to lock my phone and not have access to the internet.

On a brighter note, I think I convinced her to drive to Sydney one weekend. Hurrah!

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Marita said...

Good friends and laughter are food for the soul :)