Friday, April 1, 2011


I cannot believe that I mixed up dates. I am the person who is organised to a tee. Never mixes anything up.

But *ahem* it appears that I have.

You see I have only just recently realised, as in the other day realised, that my assignment [worth around 25% of my grade] is *ahem* due in a week, from yesterday.

*looks away sheepishly*

So the last few days I have been frantically trying to find a book to use that incorporates mathematics.

A massive thankyou to @planningqueen; @SquiggleMum; @Childhood101; @breathegently and @leechbabe for helping me.

But I think @katepickle deserves an even bigger thankyou for thinking of the book, The Waterhole, and is one that I own! So no need to run around frantically trying to figure out what to use, or where to buy it from, because I own it and it's sitting right in front of me.

The moral of this story, check your dates in your diary!



Brittonie W said...

What I used to do for my assignments when I was studying, I used to have the due date a couple of days in advance in my diary. So then I used to forget, look at my diary, and think OMG I need to get that done NOW, when in fact, it was done early!

Amy said...

Eek, I hate when that happens! All of a sudden you look in your diary and there is that big, blaring due date....and it's sooner than you realised.

For me, it happened the opposite way, I'd written the wrong uni weeks in my diary (forgotten to take into consideration mid-semester break) and so found an EXTRA week to get my work done. WooHoo!

SquiggleMum said...

Ooh, nice one Kate. That is a fab choice of book! So much scope to work with...

All the best Carly! You'll be fine :-)

PlanningQueen said...

Good luck with the assignment Carly! You seem to put a lot into your studies, hope you get the results from it.