Friday, April 15, 2011

If You're Sick

Stay home!

I decided that this morning a sore throat wasn't sick enough to stay home, I should have listened to my gut instinct and stayed home.

By midday I was exhausted and I don't just mean tired, I mean exhausted. Literally could barely move. I had severe aches and pains and all I wanted to do was sleep.

By my 2pm nappy change, where I change all twelve children, I was going incredibly slowly. After the third child, I could barely lift them! My entire body was aching.

My back actually felt like it was going to give out.

Because I had programming from 3pm - 4.15pm [and I finished at 4.15pm] I asked if I could go home early because I honestly could not picture myself lasting another hour and fifteen minutes sitting in a computer chair.

Seriously don't think I could handle sitting in an office for eight hours, I barely manage to sit in there for an hour before I lose my mind.

Anyway, so I went home early. So glad I did because seriously, I am exhausted, sore and tired. I am thinking it will be a super early night here.

Have a fantastic night!

And wish me luck for these apartments I am viewing tomorrow! <3

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