Sunday, April 3, 2011

How Loud Are You?

I would call myself a loud person. Actually I know that I am a loud person.

But lately, I have been wondering if my loudness, intimidates people.

If I am too loud.

If the confidence that I exude is a little too much.

If my personality is a little overbearing.

I hope not because well, that's me.

It is who I am.

It is how I define me.

I define myself as a loud person, in every facet of life. *winks*

Are you a loud person? Please tell me I am not alone.


Cate said...

I was a loud person. For such a long time I was that loud chick. I thought it was just the way I was, I was loud and people would have to get the f*ck over it!
Then I met Hubs and all of a sudden I didnt find myself being so loud all the time. I got comfortable with myself and the loudness subsided.
Im still loud sometimes, but its not how I am defined by others or how I define myself anymore.

Sass said...

Well, you KNOW i'm a loud person!!

and your personality isn't overbearing at all.


by the way, awesome blog...who did it? ;P xx

Hayley Cafarella said...

I am far too loud! I remember in school I would always get in trouble personally when the whole class was talking because my voice would rise above the rest!! I have learnt to control my volume, but it still gets the better of me in exciting situations. Being loud is a wonderful asset, because one can always tone down but having the propensity to expel such energy can be a gift when used wisely :P x