Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stomps Foot

Yes, I do realise that that is a totally immature and childish thing to do but I am a little cranky.

I looked at two studio apartments, both of them I loved [this was a favourite until I saw the next one!]. I will totally be applying for both of them, but you know what is totally sucky, having no rental history. Does this mean I have like no chance? Ever?

I did look at a couple of two bedroom apartments that I would be moving into with a friend. But I was a little disappointed when I didn't hear from her at all this morning. [insert sad face here]

So, now I am a little unsure of what to do. Should I maybe broaden my search to Inner West and the North Shore type area too? Or just stick with my Glebe, Pyrmont, Annadale location?

All I know is that I am definitely moving to the city! And to be honest, I am extremely excited! <3

ps. I posted my grateful for over on We Heart Life today ;)


stink-bomb said...

keeping everything crossed my sweet that you end up exactly where your heart desires...


Applenomore said...

Hey Carly,
I can totally relate to your rental problems. I also had no rental history when I was looking a few months ago and it made it really difficult. I ended up having to get my Dad to go as a co-tenant on the lease. It was crazy, lines of like 50 people waiting outside! Sydney is nuts. Good luck!!

Jane said...

When I tried to move out with my boyfriend last year, we got knocked back a couple of times because of lack of rental history. It was SO frustrating! Applenomore is on to something... putting your dad on the lease as a guarantor or co-tenant has worked a treat for some of my friends! xxx