Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Okay, so a five day weekend can never be a good thing when you have millions of things to do. Let alone when you have lots of time to kill.

When I did absolutely nothing the first three days, I knew it would come back and bite me in the arse. And bite me it did.

Today I need to;

* Finish my essay of 1000 words. I have done a whopping 33 so far. Yes, it does include the title.
* Wash and dry the sheets as my friend is back today and yes. [These are totally already in the washing machine.]
* Call Harvey Norman and ask them about their bedding and see if I can pop over on Thursday night to buy my bed and make sure it is in stock for a Saturday delivery..
* Clean the room because I have come to realise that I am a person who makes piles of crap. I know where it all is, but it looks messy!
* Go to Telstra and pay the fee to get my phone off the staff contract and put it in my name and a new plan.

While it isn't a lot, if Harvey says I need to make the purchase today to use the interest free period then I am screwed.

Must. Finish. It. All.



Jade said...

That sounds like a busy day. I hope you manage to get everything sorted, I'm sure you will!


Amy said...

I know what you mean about 'wasting' the weekend. I can't believe it's back to work and life tomorrow! I had such a huge to-do list, only got started on it yesterday.

Get back to your assignment! :P