Monday, April 11, 2011

What Makes My Heart Happy

I read a little quote yesterday, something about not being able to love another before you can find what makes your own heart happy.

There are a lot of things that make my heart happy.

A lot.

What makes my heart happy?

Listening to the rain fall. Finding something cute while shopping. Feeling the sun on my skin. Jumping in puddles. Laughing loudly. Talking. Smiling at random people. Giving others compliments. Being given a compliment. Looking in the mirror and loving what I see. Knowing that I am worth it. Getting squishy cuddles from babies. Receiving unexpected text messages. Listening to Mumford & Sons. Blogging. Learning more about me. Watching movies. Reading novels. Listening to love stories. Hearing from friends. Taking bubble baths. Watching butterflies. Eating ice cream, no matter the weather. Painting my toenails. Organising myself. Rainbows. Chocolate. Sparkly shoes. Taking photographs. Headbands. Stationery. Remembering. Strawberry thickshakes. Seeing my family. Growing my nails. Getting the giggles late at night. Grey's Anatomy. Having a good cry. Optimism. 

I could go on. But I think I will stop there.

What makes your heart happy?


1 comment:

Kylez...aka...MrsP said...

I gotta say I love baby cuddles too! They are the best.

Good news, an old favourite song being on the radio, my husband's smile.