Monday, April 25, 2011


A little scared. No, that's not the word. Nervous? No, that isn't it either. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I am it.

On Saturday I officially move into my little place. My cosy little studio apartment. To say I am excited about that is an understatement. I am really looking forward to living by myself for a while.

But what do I need to do?

I have never rented before. I know I need to get the electricity put on. But what else? I don't think I will bother with a phone, but I know I need the internet, purely for university purposes ;)

And then there is buying all the stuff that I need, which just quietly, I will love to do.

So while I figure out what I am, if you have any tips on what I need to get done this week [before I move in so that I am not left without anything] I'd love to hear them!



Cate said...

Does your place have gas? Call the electricity company as soon as because they needed 4 days notice as standard to put ours on in QLD. Water in your name?

sharnee said...

Gas, water and electricity (although there is usually a company that can get all 3 connected for you - when you are renting). Usually the estate agent can organise it - or just call the companies on Wed. I hate the connection fees! :S

Do you have a fridge?

Surely Sarah @ Paper Reverie said...

If you want internet but no fixed line phone, you'll have the option of either wireless broadband or cable. Cable is only available in selected metro areas but you just ring the ISP of your choice to ask if it's available at your address. Both options are more expensive than ADSL, but you don't have the hassle of a fixed line phone rental each month. BUT some companies offer "naked broadband" which is ADSL without a fixed phone rental fee... I've never heard any feedback about this product though, good or bad. Hope this helps!
If your apartment doesn't have a fridge, microwave, washing machine etc. then I can recommend places like Mr Rental to get you started.