Saturday, April 16, 2011

Beds and Lounges, Oh My!

So, with the possibility that I will have a little studio apartment to call my own within the next week [can you say excited?!] I have been searching on IKEA and Fantastic Furniture for a few pieces.

I fell in love with these beds:

I simply must have a queen bed. Yes there is just me, but I like to roll and I might learn to sleep in the middle.

Both are white, which is quite surprising because almost everything that I bought before was wooden.

Then you must find the comfiest mattress. Now, the mattress that I am on at the moment is SUPER comfy. It hugs you! I am very much in love with it and when I asked my friend how much she paid and where she got it from, I was a little worried when she told me it was $1000. So I think maybe I will come back to get this mattress at the end of the year.

So instead I liked these three.

I have a little thing for pillow top mattresses. If you have one, I am totally sold. I shall sleep in that bed for millions of years with no complaint. Or at least I don't think I would complain.

Okay. The only other thing that I am really looking at purchasing when I do move initially is a lounge and maybe a desk.

These are both from IKEA and are super cheap.

Other than that, I will just be getting little knick-knacks.

The three places that I viewed today I am totally in love with.

Pretty please cross your fingers for me?

ps. My friend's mattress is from the OMF [Original Mattress Factory].
pps. Linkage: Vogue; Malm; Pillowtop; Hjelmas; Hagavik; Klobo; and Micke.

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