Sunday, May 1, 2011

I've Moved

I officially moved into my little studio apartment today. Only to discover I still have some space left.

My bed is fricken awesome. Definitely worth the money I spent on this baby! And my bed frame, totally in love with it!

The television is huge. Seriously did not look that big instore! Pity that nothing too exciting is on.

I still have crap everywhere and I didn't even get everything. But unpacking is tomorrow's job.

I will post up pictures in the next few days as I have to wait for my internet to be connected.

I'm safe and sound, and about to spend my first night in my new place!


Hayley Cafarella said...

yay, Carly!! I hope that you will be extremely-hyper-HAPPY there! :D xx

Amy said...

Welcome Home! :)

Kylez...aka...MrsP said...

Congratulations! The place looks good (from you pics you've just posted), bet it feels good to be mostly settled in!