Thursday, May 5, 2011


A while ago I was asked to tell something no one knows about me.

I was stumped.

Like seriously stumped.

I had no idea what I could share, because I share everything.

I blog about everything.

If something happened in my life, that I felt was a moment that I needed to share, I would share it.

While I do omit some details, like I haven't shared a few moments I have had recently with you mainly because I just don't feel I can yet. Or should. I do share a lot of my life with you all.

Most of you know about my childhood, my teenage years and have been following me the last three years [no, not here but on my old blog]. Which means that you know a lot.

So, I am a little curious to know, if you blog [or tweet 'cause I share a lot there too!] how much do you share?



Hayley Cafarella said...

I tend to use social media a lot due to so much down time, but I have a rule that I don't publish anything on any site if I'm not happy for the whole world to see it. I am pretty comfortable with feeling vulnerable, so that doesn't mean I don't publish personal posts, I just don't publish anything that I don't feel strong enough to handle any sort of comment on. It's taken a while to perfect the art of ignoring, however I've found that if I just don't respond to any negative tweets or comments then I forget about them pretty quickly. There's always going to be a stupid opinion out there. So I guess my answer is that I share most things, but I do have a private life and I don't share personal things that concern other people ;P

Surely Sarah @ Paper Reverie said...

I share most things I'm doing or feeling, but stop short of the really intimate or personal. For example, I rarely tweet or blog about fights I have with my other half. I like to keep the intense emotions offline.
And I don't reveal his name, where we live or any identifying personal details. That's just for security reasons, common sense no?

shoutingcursive said...

Hey CarlyDress! Aly's MOH here. Found you through her blog!

I generally don't share anything online that I wouldn't want my bosses and co-workers to know. Just because I don't think I work with the most trustworthy people, and I've had them use things against me before. So now I don't say anything online that I wouldn't want my worst enemy to know.

PS... I'm a Mac convert too!