Thursday, March 3, 2011

I Heart Ice Cream

Ice cream would have to be my favourite dish. It is the best.

Be it vanilla with sprinkles.

Or cookies and cream.

Or even hokey pokey.

Say those little words, "ice cream" and I am there. Instantly.

I am going to admit right now, never tried Ben & Jerry's. I am told that I should. I will eventually, just show me where one is and I will go!

Baskin 'n' Robbins is my favourite here.

But back at home, I loved the ice cream from the shop I used to work at. The Natural Waffle Ice Cream Parlour.

I loved working there. The freebies. The deliciousness. It was always important to taste test. Always.

Anyway, the other night we did a food shop. Over two hundred dollars later, we left with ice cream and ice magic.

Just quietly. If you have not had vanilla ice cream with sprinkles and ice magic. I am telling you now, go and try it.

I am, once the damn bowls finish in the dishwasher!


Brittonie W said...

Needs more ice magic! You aren't supposed to SEE the icecream underneath!

I like my ice cream sprinkled with crumble, crushed cookies, chopped nuts, lots of things! But sprinkles always get stuck in my teeth. Ick.

Jane said...

Ben & Jerry's is to DIE for. I've only tried it once or twice, but just looking at the flavours makes me soooo happy.

And Ice Magic is the shit!!! Reminds me of when I'd squirt it straight into my mouth as a kid xxx

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...


Baskin 'n Robbins is my favourite, too - cookie dough is the BEST!

Amy said...


One of my all-time favorites is cheap Neapolitan. I've tried expensive brands, but it still doesn't beat that taste of home brand, crappy, in a white plastic tub Neapolitan.

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