Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chocolate, Bunny Ears and Bloggers

I Am Waiting For A Train
On Saturday afternoon I made the trip into the city for the blog meet. It started off as a disaster, I was on a train with no air-conditioning. Just horrible.

I soon arrived at the Lindt Cafe in Darling Harbour. And stood. Waiting. Thinking that I was incredibly early.

Then Victoria arrived, and she instantly recognised me. Well, that's how it seemed! Then Corrine showed up and we were all chatting away. Instantly I knew that tonight would be a fantastic time!

Danielle, Dani and Violet [who is the cutest four month old!] arrived and went inside to see where our table was while Corrine, Victoria and me kept talking.

Me and Corrine
We then found out that the big, long table was ours and there were already three lovely ladies sitting there. Liz, Leigh and Laura.

Eventually others arrived, and we continued to chat away. I got to say a big hello to The Sydney Girl who is just as amazing as she is on twitter, as she is in real life.

The Sydney Girl and ColourDujour

Tony asked if we wanted anything. As I read over the menu and saw one thing stick out. Cookie and Cream icecream.


Even now, as I think about the deliciousness of that icecream, my mouth is salivating!

Corrine with a coconutty, chocolately drink. Oh look! There's Danimezza in the background!
I love babies and I managed to get cuddles with the cutest baby on the blogging block! Violet, Dani's gorgeous little four month old. Oh boy, did I get clucky.

Then came out the macaroons, cake and chocolate platters. Oh my. Talk about sugar overload. And they just kept coming throughout the night!

The green macaroons were my favourite, pistachio.

Tony then came around again, to see if there was anything else we felt like. I may have devoured another bowl of Cookies and Cream icecream, it was that good!

The talk flowed about blogging. The where, the why, the how.

Lisa talking with Dani. Oh look! Caitlin is in the background!
Then I asked Caitlin if she had twitter. I think I almost died when she said no! I'm pleased to see that she now has a little twitter widget on her site ;)

Business cards were exchanged, and just quietly, if you are going to the Aussie Bloggers Conference, you must get Liz's card. It is the cutest card I have ever seen, and provided me with amusement for a good fifteen minutes after I was handed it.

[mental note: I must make some cards.]

Group photographs were taken. Check out this amazing image, taken using Danielle's camera of course.


Want to know who is who? Well, Danielle has already written down everyone! Pop on over and have a looksee!

But before you go, can you guess which one is me?

Anywho, it was a fantastic night, even if my new shoes gave me a blister. Oh, and Danielle's the fireworks were ah-mah-zing! Thanks for organising that! *winks*

Oh and *ahem* I would like to thank Lindt, Nuffnang, Danielle and Dani for the goodies. Unfortunately, the boyfriend devoured my macaroons, most of my Lindt balls. Thankfully I saved the bunny!

[all my images are edited on instagram]



Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

It was SO nice to meet you on Saturday, Carly! :) Love your write-up!

Danielle said...

I'm so glad you had a good time. It was lovely to meet you. Your new blog is looking fabulous!

Liz said...

Trains with no air-con are horrible in Summer - especially when you're travelling that kind of distance!

It was great to meet you on Saturday, hope to see you at the next one (whenever that may be!)

Laura said...

cute pics Carly, I wish they had instagram for android!

Was lovely meeting you and having a gossip session :)