Friday, March 18, 2011

Why I Love Twitter

It is certainly no secret that I love twitter. It is somewhere where I am most days.

Yesterday was no different. I had some big things happen yesterday!

Not only did I have a hair cut and received some very lovely compliments. All of which made me get the biggest smile on my face! So thank you!

Then I received a phone call just before lunch time. Telling me that I have an interview for one of my dream positions! [More will be written about that over here].

So I asked everyone to cross their fingers and toes for me! If you could too I'd totally appreciate it.

But this is the reason why I love twitter:

A huge thank you to all you who @ replied me wishing me luck; crossing your toes; and woot wooing at my picture. You totally made my day!

ps. Wondering who to follow? Follow all of the tweeps I follow, you will not be disappointed!
pps. This was written at around 8pm last night, so sorry if I anyone else gave me a compliment after this time and wasn't included. I totally appreciated it though!
ppps. To nomie - who said "gorgeous x" on thankyou xx


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