Friday, March 4, 2011

Brrr, Is It Cold?

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I love that it is Autumn and will finally be Winter soon!

What The Next Six Months Mean:
♥ Assignments!
♥ Beanies!
♥ Boots!
♥ Coats!
♥ Exams!
♥ Gravy!
♥ Jackets!
♥ My birthday!
♥ Rainy days in bed!
♥ Scarves!
♥ Snuggles!
♥ Soups!
♥ Super hot showers!
♥ The end of University!
♥ Travel plans!


Sass said...

I love the colder weather...
It's been deliciously cooler down here in Canberra and I am dreading going home to the sticky humid weather on the SC

Amy said...

Colder weather? What? It's been 30plus degrees here in Brisbane...feels like we've just been thrown back into summer again.

Hurry up cold!