Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fifty Two Million Is All Mine

I love to dream. While 52 is an awful lot, I certainly would not be complaining.

What on Earth am I talking about? Well, it is the newest challenge from Blog This. Which I must remember to join again.

Before I go into how I would spend this money, there were a few questions that were asked.

If I found out I won, I dare say I would do the "typical" girly thing and scream, jump up and down, dance around in circles, before screaming again. I would then call my mum and the boyfriend, if they weren't already with me.

Now, I am not sure if I would want news crews showing up and wanting to get an interview with me. I think I would rather go with the anonymous route. You know, just in case some "friends" decide to rob me, or something.

I would use it for a lot of things. 52 million is not a small amount of money. It is huge. I could be set for life, as well as give away a lot.

Which brings me to my little break down.

Having debt would be a thing of the past for us and my family and the boyfriend's family.

I would then buy us a block of land and build and furnish a home. I would also buy two holiday houses, one for us {maybe in Melbourne} and one for my family. I would buy the boyfriend's mum a house wherever she wanted it.

I would buy a snazzy little car for myself. And whatever type the boyfriend wanted. Brand spanking new.

I would get myself an entire new wardrobe filled will exxy labels. I would do the same for my family and the boyfriend.

I would get myself a kitten and the boyfriend a puppy.

I would fill a bookcase full of children's books.

I would save a lot of it for super.

I would buy an iMac.

Okay, so roughly I would have spent about seven million. Hey! I can go all out and still have plenty to spare!
I would give five million to five different charities.

Okay, twenty-five million left.

Ooh, I would build my own child care centre and fully equip it.

That'd cost at least fifteen million.

And with the spare ten million, I would take a world trip. Which I could take as long as I wanted to complete.

How would you spend 52 million?



Brittonie W said...

Have to love thw world trips!

I think I am the only one who wouldn't go all around the world, a few countries would be fine for me ~ <3

A bookcase full of children's books would be lovely, your children and childcare kids would love them! Today's youth are not reading enough.

Mel said...

I like the idea of a shelf full of kid's books. They're the best kind!