Saturday, March 26, 2011

This Weekend

I may be a little out of it when I return on Sunday night.

I'm writing this on Friday night because there is no way that I will be awake before six just to write this baby.

Saturday I am at University all day. When I say all day, I mean I will be up at 6.30am to catch three trains to University [to get there by 9am and I will only just arrive just in time]. Then I have my catch up with my friend and go through an assignment with her [for another unit that I completed last year]; try and say hello to a new twitter friend [@bodykiss]; have lunch with a gorgeous friend who lives on campus and I very rarely get to see and miss a lot! Before doing my oral report and handing in the review to go with it. Then at 3.30pm I get to head home. God knows how long that will take.

Around 7pm on Saturday night I am meeting up with my friend from home and her hubby to be for dinner. I will be dragging the boyfriend along, if I have to.

I will then sleep, for hopefully at least ten or so hours. Before waking and getting all pretty for Aly's Bridal Shower. [Crap, just remembered I have to wrap her present! Eeek! I hope I get to get something from somewhere tomorrow, being Saturday!] I must remember to have a pretty, yet smart looking photograph taken of myself while there.

I will then head home. Lay out my clothes for my first official work day. Get my little introduction poster done. Then go to sleep.


Have a lovely weekend! I will be busy, but you know me; nothing will keep me away from twitter!


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Sass said...

Busy weekend lovely!

Have lots of fun at the bridal shower!!